I'm definitely not one of those girls who applies fake eyelashes every single day. It takes practice, skill and patience yet I seem to be lacking in all 3 areas. However, the very few times that I have tried lashes I've fallen in love with the way that they look. WeLoveLashes got in contact with … Continue reading WeLoveLashes!

Offensive Jewellery With PNK Lettuce

Jewellery pieces can really add that extra something to an outfit whether it's a dainty little charm bracelet or a pretty gold necklace. But what about a bangle that says Zero Fucks Given? PNK Lettuce are a completely offensive jewellery company handmade in Essex. Necklaces, cuffs and rings are amongst the range of jewellery pieces all engraved with offensive … Continue reading Offensive Jewellery With PNK Lettuce