New additions!

So... me and my family adopted two puppies! Yes, not one but two. They're Chihuahua's crossed with Jack Russell's! We adopted the brother and sister who were left in the litter, our logic being that they both keep each other company. Meet Bonnie, the little girl. She's extremely greedy for food, poo's A LOT and loves … Continue reading New additions!

BettyBox Review

Forget beauty subscription boxes, period subscription boxes are a thing? If you're as shocked and confused as I was, you need to keep reading. A load of bloggers I read had reviewed a thing called the Betty Box, after reading more reviews I gathered that they were a monthly subscription box for periods. When Katie from the … Continue reading BettyBox Review


I won't lie, i've been quite stressed lately so no surprise that I completely forgot to schedule or even plan a post. Right now whilst i'm writing this i've just got home from having my braces fitted and they're aching slightly! Yesterday, me and my boyfriend decided to go to a farm that's quite local … Continue reading 30.01.18


Since i've never done a question & answer on the this blog before I thought that now would be a good idea to do! So i asked on Twitter for people to send me their questions and I got quite a few responses. @bethxkate;What's your favourite social media platform? Twitter is my all time favourite! I … Continue reading Q&A!