If you don't like blog posts where I ramble then click off this now! My aim for the month of June was to upload 3 times a week and to gain 100 views each day on my blog, pretty ambitious right? Well 11 days in and I was smashing it, posting 3 times a week … Continue reading Failure?

Favourite Bloggers!

I love supporting fellow bloggers and I thought why not dedicate a blog post to some of the lovely ladies whose content i've been really enjoying lately. I'll be leaving everyone's links so please make sure you go and check them out and see why I appreciate their content! One of the most aesthetically pleasing … Continue reading Favourite Bloggers!

Skinny Bashing

"Twiggy" "You need to eat more" "Skinny prick" "Oh my god I can fit my whole hand around your wrist" "I feel like you're gonna snap when I hug you" "Anorexic"  "Your outfit would look better with a padded bra" "Guys like meat to hold on to" "We'll need to fatten you up" "How do … Continue reading Skinny Bashing