Six Free ways to support small businesses (Guest post)

*Today’s post is a guest post written by the lovely Rachel, all her links will be at the end of the post*

When was the last time you supported a local or smaller business? Independent businesses add so much to the business world and our economy and therefore it is so important to show your support where you can. If you have the money to purchase from small businesses, amazing! They will appreciate your custom so much! Find some amazing small business recommendations at: 8 Small Businesses You Need to Know About.

However, if you can’t purchase right now there are still so many ways you can show your support without spending a penny! This post will give you six simple ways to support small businesses for free! 

Follow on Social Media

When you first start a small business, it is so hard to build up a following. If you like the sound of a business or product, why not give them a little follow? Having a larger following helps a small business stand out from the crowd and encourages others to do the same! 

Like and Share Social Content

After following, it is also super important to engage with their content through sharing and linking their posts! Although you might not have the funds to support a small business right now, by sharing their content one of your friends or followers might be interested in purchasing! Exposure is a huge thing for businesses that are just starting out so share as much as you can! 

Write a Little Review

If I am ever looking into making a purchase, I will go straight to the review section or internet to find what other customers think of the product before I purchase. Next time you purchase or visit a small business, be sure to leave a little review. This costs nothing but massively helps the business in gaining customers. 

Photo by Gene Gallin on Unsplash

Recommend to Friends and Family

This is the easiest one you can do. If you have seen a product that you think your friends and family would love, recommend it! I love a good recommendation and I am much more likely to purchase something if it has been used and recommended by someone I trust! 

Send a Message Complimenting Them

This takes less than a minute to do and means the world to smaller business owners. If you see a small business you like the look of, give them a compliment. Let them know you love what they are doing. Compliments benefit both ways, you will make the business owners day and you will also feel amazing about yourself! 

Sign Up to Email List

Again, building up a following is hard! I have been running Rach Talks Business for a whole year nearly and growing an email list is the hardest thing I have found so far. Email lists allow small business owners to speak directly to you and offer special discounts! It can be super helpful in sales, a small ask that brings big results! 

I hope you’ve found my little post useful and it has given you some ways you can support independent businesses for free. Little gestures make a huge difference to business owners! If you are looking to purchase a little lockdown gift from an independent business check out: Pick Me Up Gifts Isolation Gift Guide

Massive thank you to Ellie for letting me guest post on your lovely blog. Stay safe everyone.  

About the Author

Hi, I’m Rachel from Rach Talks Business! Since graduating I have been looking for ways, I can put my marketing knowledge to good use and decided to create a platform to support small, independent businesses through the pandemic. I formed Rach Talks Business in March and have been building my lifestyle blog ever since. My blog covers a large range of topics including lifestyle, mental health, business and blogging tips! 

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6 thoughts on “Six Free ways to support small businesses (Guest post)

  1. Small businesses have really been struggling lately and these are really great ways to help them! I try to like and follow them on socials as much as possible and always keeo their details on hand in case I have some extra money one month to buy something from them! Thank you for sharing x
    Em –


  2. Amazing post! These are all so wonderful ways to support small businesses. I know how hard it is to build a following, especially an email list. One of the best ways I think is to leave a review, one review is much better than none.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I am loving all of the “love for small businesses” posts I’ve been seeing recently!! It’s just awful to see how many people’s businesses are failing because of covid… I hope things are all put back to rights soon & that no more of these little places go out of business. Thank for for sharing this reminder! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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