My Trainer Obsession

For those of you that don’t know, I work in a shoe shop. One of the perks of my job is that I get a discount on big branded trainers like Vans, Nike, Adidas etc. It’s great, it really is, but over the almost 2 years that I’ve worked there I’ve developed a little obsession with buying trainers. Before I worked in a shoe shop I owned about 3 pairs of shoes that I rotated between, now I’ve got 42. *I wrote this blog post sometime in March, it’s now the end of June and my collection has increased to 48 pairs*

I’ve highly considered doing trainer reviews but no one would read that, I think I’d be the only person that got some entertainment or enjoyment from it. So instead I thought I’d start slowly showing my trainer collection, starting with the two pairs I bought in March alone.

Puma Future Rider

The first pair is the funky and fabulous Puma Future Rider Play. I’d actually seen loads of influencers promoting these and all I can say is one day I hope I get paid to promote trainers. They caught my eye and it was the particular colourway I got that I kept seeing being promoted on Instagram. There are quite a few different colour styles of these but I thought I’d get the brightest pair. I got them from JD for £68 with student discount but they’re priced around £75 full price. In terms of sizing, I got a UK 4.5. I’m between a UK 4 & 5 usually and I’ve got Puma suedes in a UK 4 and these fit nicely with plenty room at the front for my toes, but not too much room.

Where I work we have uniform rules that we can only wear shoes from the shop I work in which is fine normally but because we don’t stock these Puma’s I can’t wear them to work which is a shame because they’re so, so comfortable. They feel super spongey and are really lightweight.


Adidas Haiwee

When these Adidas Haiwee came into the store I really didn’t like them. They were £70 and I wasn’t a fan at all. But then they went into the sale for £44.99 and a customer tried them on. They genuinely looked so cute on so I had to try them on…and buy them. I got them in the orange & white colourway but I was super tempted to buy the lilac ones. The only reason I didn’t is that they wouldn’t go with a lot, clothing-wise. They’re really comfortable and I got them in a size UK 4. They’re a little snug in the width but they’ll definitely give over time.

They’re the perfect gym shoe, even if I don’t go to the gym, and will look cute with skinny jeans! I do have some similar trainer to these but a fresh pair won’t harm no one!


Sometimes you’ve just got to treat yourself to a new pair of trainers, maybe not two every month but nonetheless! I feel as though my trainer obsession is justified because I don’t ever pay full price for them and I get my wear out of them!

What’s your favourite pair of trainers you own?

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6 thoughts on “My Trainer Obsession

  1. Hi, hello, um I would definitely love sneaker dedicated posts!! Honestly working in a sneaker store is my dream job right now. I just got a pair of Jordan 1 Low UNCs, and I can’t wait to wear them, but those Puma’s have been on my list since I first saw them too…very very tempting x


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