Black Lives Matter

I honestly never thought I’d ever feel the need to write a blog post like this. I also find it quite hard, I can’t seem to find the right words to put together or how to express my anger on this.

I’ve been alive 21 years and for as long as I can remember racism is always something that’s been present. Whether that was sly remarks I’d hear at school in the classroom or vile words that have come from my family members. The fact that white people can make jokes out of someone’s skin colour or where they were born knowing there will never be any consequences for them is disgusting.

Racism against white people doesn’t exist

I don’t class myself as an influencer but even still I need to use this voice I do have to speak about George Floyd’s murder and the white supremacy that exists on this earth. As a white female, I have no concerns or fears of leaving the house because of my skin colour but so many people do and to understand how they feel is something I can’t comprehend. As a white woman, I might not understand the fear they have but I can educate myself on everything wrong with the world and find ways to help.

The reason I’ve wanted to post this is to raise awareness to people who take their skin colour for granted. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes and imagine the fear of walking past a police officer wondering if you’re going to get stopped and searched because you’re black. Or imagine going to school and the white kids in the playground don’t want to talk to you because of your skin colour.

Over the weekend and at the start of the week I finally saw the blogging community I follow retweeting petitions, tweeting links to useful websites and screenshots of donations to certain charities or funds and it was nice to see the blogging community, which I find is predominately white, standing for such an important cause. But what I realised is the number of racist people I have been following in the blogging community. Since last week I’ve lost over 200 followers to which I can only put down to the volume of #blacklivesmatter tweets I’ve been sending out. However, as soon as the Instagram trend #blackouttuesday was over so were the supportive tweets. Instead, it was back to sharing each others Amazon wishlists and ranting about blog views.

The thing is it’s not just one black person that has been murdered by a police officer, this shit happens every single day. Police brutality against people of colour happens every single fucking day but because it’s not plastered over social media it doesn’t seem to be an issue to some people. A simple retweet and a quick donation to make yourself look good on social media haven’t ended the racism that’s been going on for like what, thousands of years?

Please just educate yourself, stop the racism, stop the little comments you think are ok and if you can’t keep fighting to fight racism remove yourself from my blog and social media.

If you want to educate or find ways you can help you can have a read of my friend Simone’s blog post and there’s a tweet with a whole load of different petitions to sign that haven’t reached their targets. Netflix have also put together a guide of different shows/series/documentaries to watch, not just on Netflix, that will help educate people on systematic racism.

I know I’ve been quiet on my blog recently, I’ve been back at work and it’s been extremely hectic but I know I needed to make a blog post on this even if it raises some sort of awareness to one person.




7 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter

  1. This is such a good post!!! The dialogue recent events have brought up is fantastic but also really disheartening. I know it sounds silly but I feel like its exposed such an underbelly of racism. My family and friends are predominantly black/coloured -but I’ve been calling out coworkers for their passive aggressive comments and causal racism in the wake of everything. Its shocking to see peoples attitudes xx

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  2. Thank you so much for writing this, I 100% agree! I think its so important to keep the discussion going, no matter who you are. This isnt some trend to be forgotten, this is for our current and future generations. So we can all do better, and help them feel safe and loved no matter what race/ethnicity/colour they may be. This also means having difficult conversations with people who cant see it how we do, but thats part of it. The suffragets did this for women, people did this for the lgbt community (although thats still not as perfect really) and now, this is our turn to support black people. So much change is coming, and that means its working. Weve just all got to keep pushing and never forget. 💖

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  3. Thank you for sharing. It’s great to discuss this and to keep the momentum going. This is a historical moment, justice needs to be served.

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