Top 10 Gifts For Pet Lovers*

*This is a sponsored blog post but all opinions are my own and are in no way biased*

I feel like, at the moment, with the whole global situation giving someone a gift is the perfect and probably safest thing to do to put a smile on someones face. Whether it’s a bunch of flowers or something from their Amazon Wishlist. However, some people might be quite hard to buy for, or you just need some inspiration. So today I’ve put together a list of the top 10 gifts you can give to someone who’s a pet lover!

1.) Pet Treats/Food:

A weird one I know but sometimes a pet lover just wants to be stocked up on goodies for their dogs or if they’re struggling to get out the house for pet food then the gift of it will be sure to ease their worrying! Most supermarkets have a good range of pet treats and supplies or PetsAtHome is your go-to for speciality food.

2.) PetPortraits*:

Photos of pets are cute but pet illustrations are even cuter! hand-draw your furry friend in a detailed version or cartoon style for £8.20! How cute would it be to send your friend a cartoon image of their dog! You can also add on extras (for a fee) like fast delivery, getting an additional file type or even removing a ball or collar from the photo. You’re also able to leave some notes about the pet you want illustrating so they don’t miss out on any important details and payment can be super simple with Paypal! You can have a little look through their Instagram to see all the adorable work they do.

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3.) PhotoBooks:

Over the year I’ve been gifted quite a few books that filled with funny pictures of dogs. I’ve got a Dogs That Smile book and a Dogs of Instagram and they really are adorable. They sell them in places like The Works as well as eBay and you can probably find different versions for different animals!


4.) Pet Themed Jewellery:

When I was younger I used to have a little charm bracelet which had a dog bone, a dog house and a paw print on and it was the cutest thing ever! Jewellery that’s pet-themed is super sentimental to any pet lover and you don’t have to have a big budget for jewellery, you can find pretty pieces on the internet without spending a fortune.

5.) Pet Clothing:

This might not be to some animals taste, my dogs hate wearing anything- even their collars! However, pet clothing and accessories can be adorable. B&M always have such a cute range of clothing from your basics of jumpers to funky little bandanas and Halloween outfits! They do cat & dog ones in different sizes so there’s plenty for all!

6.) Magazine Subscription:

The Cat Magazine is a magazine that funds the cat’s protection magazine so whilst buying a subscription to their magazine you’re also helping vulnerable cats! Your Dog magazine is one you can subscribe to for your local dog lover! I feel like magazines don’t seem to be as popular anymore but one filled with facts and news about dogs or cats is perfect for a furry friend lover.

7.) Pet Medicine:

Similar to the first gift idea of pet food, pet medicine could be quite handy. If someone can’t get out of the house to buy any sort of medicine then surprising them with it might make their day! Obviously, make sure you’re buying the right sort of medicine!

8.) Miscellaneous: 

You can’t be a crazy cat lady without a house full of cat items everywhere. Things like magnets, mugs or any sort of little ornaments with cats on will make their day. I always see cute things on websites like Wish, Shein or Amazon!

9.) Crystal ornaments:

A couple years ago for Christmas, I bought my mom a little crystal dog ornament. It only cost about £10 from Amazon but it looks really expensive. They do a load of different breeds of dogs and do some cat ones too. It’s my favourite little addition to the front room.

10.) Dog DNA Kit

The last one is a little fun one, you can actually buy DNA kits for dogs to find out their heritage and it makes for a fun little experiment. A whole load of website stock them, you can have a look here.

If you were stuck for ideas, I hope you’re not now. It was super fun putting together a list of things I’d love to receive as a dog lover.

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