MooGoo: Natural, Effective, Ethical Skincare

*Items featured in this blog post were gifted by MooGoo Skincare. All opinions are my own and are in no way biased*

Finding a skincare brand on the market that’s ethical, really effective and so natural that products are as edible as possible can be hard. MooGoo Skincare are the perfect brand that combines good ethics, 100% natural ingredients and all products are safe to use during pregnancy and on newborns. They stock a whole range of products from your typical skincare to shampoo, dental care, baby products and you can shop by skin condition needs.


I was kindly sent their Soothing MSM Moisturiser to try out and see how I got on with it. Safe to say I love it. It has a fair scent, honey or coconut maybe, and it feels super lightweight on the skin. Needless to say it absrobs quickly leaving your body feeling refreshed and hydrates. I use this mainly on my legs because I tend to neglect them when it comes to skincare and it leaves them really smooth and not dry at all. For 120g tube it only costs £12 and a little goes a long way! It also has aloe vera in which does wonders for dry skin.

The great thing about MooGoo Skincare is that you can order directly from their website with free delivery over £45 or you can find them at one of their stockists which include Holland & Barrett as well as Amazon. Considering MooGoo, which actually has nothing to do with cows, have been about 2005 it’s a brand I’ve never stumbled across but needless to say I’m glad I have!


If ethical skincare is something you want to discover more of, go to MooGoo and treat yourself! I 100% want to try out more of their stuff so If I purchase anything I’ll be sure to do a haul!

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One thought on “MooGoo: Natural, Effective, Ethical Skincare

  1. I LOVE MooGoo!! I actually started using their products because my mum had a brand new moisturiser of theirs that she didn’t want, and I have quite sensitive skin in some places so I thought I’d give it a crack, and since finishing it all I’ve been working my way through the entire range! x

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