I Got My Nipples Pierced

So yeah you read the title of this blog post correctly. I did indeed get my nipples pierced, needless to say, a very impulsive decision.

*I had my piercings done in November 2019 but I found this in my drafts and thought it’d be an interesting read so I’m posting many months later*

It’s not something I ever thought I’d get done or something I really desired. A lot of piercings/tattoos are usually something people really want to get done but then other times it’s through the product of feeling like you’re having a midlife crisis… oh you know my life is a bit shit lets have a needle shoved through my tits.

Anyway, I thought I’d put together a blog post on my experience if anyone is wanting to get their nipples pierced or if they’re just nosey.


I’ve only ever had my piercings done at either Blue Banana or Claire’s and since Claire’s don’t do nipple piercings I chose to go to Blue Banana. Me and Simone went to the one on New Street in Birmingham. The store itself is quite small but they have a piercing and tattoo studio downstairs. In terms of the preparation, I decided not to do any research into the process or read about the pain because I didn’t want to read any horror stories, sometimes it’s best to just go in not knowing what to expect.


I’m no expert in prices of piercings and since I had nothing to compare the prices too I wasn’t too sure if what I paid was expensive or not. A single piercing was £30 or for the pair, it was £45, I think single nipple piercings don’t look the best so we went for the both.

The Actual Piercing

I wasn’t too scared or nervous about having it done, although Simone was. It was only till we were waiting that I was like oh my god what am I doing. The piercer was a lovely lady but because it was a nipple piercing, for Blue Banana’s policy they have to have a chaperone  (another staff member) even if a friend goes in with you. In all honesty, the experience wasn’t too bad. The piercer marked up where she’d put the piercings, got me to check they looked ok and made sure I was lying in a comfortable position.

In terms of the pain, my tolerance to it isn’t the best. The clamping of the nipples wasn’t too bad and then when she actually put the needle in, it was a very sharp scratch. But I’ve had worse pain from having my nose pierced. Once the needle was in, there was another sharp scratch to put the piercing in and that was it. After that, she put some plasters on and went through the whole aftercare. It took all of 10 minutes.


After the piercing, I was in a lot of pain. I felt like I was clutching my chest all afternoon! For the first night I couldn’t sleep on my stomach but the second night I was fine with it. They did bleed for a couple days afterwards but that’s expected and nothing to worry about. The aftercare is pretty much the same for all piercings; clean with saltwater and tea tree oil twice a day. The initial piercing is just a swelling bar so after about 3 months you are able to change it, although I did put it off for about 5/6 months. If you’ve kept up with cleaning routines, after about 6 months they should be completely healed!

When I first changed my piercings, which was last week, they bled a little bit but they slid out easily and the new piercings bar slid in easily. It was extremely fiddly trying to screw the ball on but I got there in the end and now can treat myself to new bars!

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11 thoughts on “I Got My Nipples Pierced

  1. The weird thing about getting your nipples pierced is that you always appear to bump them in strange places, like on cupboard doors or getting dressed and they like to give you a friendly reminder that they’re still tender… I say friendly reminder, it’s more of a jolt and yelp!

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  2. I’ve been wanting to get mine pierced for so long but I’m so bad at dealing with pain haha!! Maybe that’ll be on my summer bucket list this year…


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  3. This is so interesting to read, I have wondered how painful nipple piercings are! I remember when I had my tongue and lip pierced the initial pain wasn’t too bad, it was just that stinging feeling for hours afterwards. I don’t think I’d ever get anymore piercings but it was cool to read about your experience. Thanks for sharing Ellie! ❤ xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

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  4. Girl, even the thought of that pain usually makes me wince and my tolerance is pretty good. I’m amazed the needle going in wasn’t too bad?! I’m quite shocked that it hurt more afterward, that’s so interesting. Thanks for sharing your experience x


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