Overhaul Your Blog During A Pandemic*

*This blog post is sponsored, however, all opinions are my own and are in no way biased*

We’re all looking for things to keep us busy and things that are going to make us productive during this really awkward, unusual time. Being on lockdown means like me, you’ve all got so much more time on your hands to do things you might not normally get the time to do. For some people they’re taking to baking, some people are perfecting their gardens ready for the summer and some people are sleeping all day. Whatever you chose to do, now is the perfect time to become creative or refuel the creativity you never got time to unleash!

During lockdown I’ve done a lot of nothing- sleeping till 1pm, playing Animal Crossing and no exercise. But besides all of that nothing, I’ve been massively working on my blog. Last week I posted 7 days in a row which was a personal achievement and I’ve been considering revamping my blog and making certain changes to different aspects of it. One of the things to consider on your blog is overhauling your whole design branding. Like me, most bloggers tend to use the same fonts on graphics and we keep a certain theme so the branding is easily identified, think of the Disney logo and font and how globally know that is. Fontbundles.net have a whole host of new, different and exciting fonts completely free of charge! Their aim is to save you money on bundle deals of fonts but even better that they’re offering ones free of charge to download.

There’s some really nice sophisticated fonts as well as some cute & fun ones! What’s even better is that there are new fonts free every week, so there’s always a good selection if you’re looking for the perfect font for you. They also have tutorials for those who aren’t too sure how to upload their fonts to things like Canva, Photoshop or whatever else you’re using for graphics and blog design!

font on canva
Canva fun

Not only can you use these fonts to make your blog look brand new you can also use them for crafting activities like card-marking or any other graphic design you might be into! Sending a little card to a friend or relative you’ve not been able to see is such a nice gesture and really heart felt, something I’m going to do with my new fonts. Finding a creative outlet during this tough time is really important especially when there are so many resources to access online.

I asked on Twitter for a few thoughts on the importance of a consistent font across your blog:

Mel said “So I think it’s important to have a font that is clear to read because anyone who has an impairment that makes it harder to read may struggle with fancy or less clear fonts. I also try to use web-safe fonts so that my site can be viewed properly on every browser”

Abi said “Having a clean and clear font is really important not only for your website design, but also it’s usability. Those with visual impairment and sometimes even dyslexia find that a clear and good size font makes their reading experience so much easier and more enjoyable!”

Let me know how you’ve been keeping creative during quarantine!

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11 thoughts on “Overhaul Your Blog During A Pandemic*

  1. Great post and awesome recommendations, all the fonts look fantastic! I’m doing ok at the moment, I’ve spent a lot more time baking, doing art and photography, and also working on my blog. I also created a project with a lovely group of bloggers called The Positivity Project which launched this week! 😊 Take care and stay safe 💛

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  2. This sounds great, I spend sooo long choosing my fonts it’s an absolute joke. Especially when it comes to Pinterest, I get so fussy! I’m really busy with my prep for recipe a day May that I’m starting to get a little jealous of everyone with free time right now 😂 x


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  3. I’ve never heard of Font Bundles before, but just had a look and there are so many cute and stylish fonts! I like to download new ones for when I do my graphics in Photoshop, so this looks like an awesome place to find more! Thank you for the recommendation Ellie, really useful post! ❤ xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

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