Amazon Wishlist Kindness

I thought that UK lockdown would’ve had me spending endless amounts of money on myself, but no, instead it’s been buying stuff for other people off their Amazon wishlists! Just after lockdown had started I saw a thread from Cara on Twitter where people were dropping their wishlists and buying each other little gifts from their wishlists, there was no obligation to buy everyone something and it seemed like such a good idea. So I started my own few threads as it was my birthday at the start of April and so many people kindly sent me gifts which made my weird birthday even better! Areilia hopped on the Amazon wishlist trend and has some really popular threads! It’s such a nice thing at this time of madness to be able to make someone smile! I’ve put together a few tips, tricks and advice for those wanting to join in with threads!

  • Link your address! There’s nothing more annoying than someone who hasn’t linked their wishlist to an address. To link your address just go to the more page top right of your list and then manage list and all different settings should be there.
  • Include cheaper products! It’s fine to add things of any amount but if you’ve got more affordable products that’s better for people who might want to gift you item who can’t afford things over £5. Cute stationery items are really affordable on Amazon as well as homeware from a brand called Sass & Belle.
  • Don’t add stuff on for the sake of it. Only add stuff that you know you’re gonna use because otherwise, it’s a waste of the gifters money.
  • There’s never any obligation to buy loads of people things, only buy what you can afford. I find the general rule that people seem to go by is if you leave your link then you buy at least 1 gift for someone else.
  • It’s up to you whether you let the recipient know you’ve gifted them something. Most products come with the option to leave a gift note but some items don’t. You can let them know on Twitter, in the gift note or just leave it a complete mystery!

I think that covers most of the advice/tips I’d give. At the end of the day it’s a little fun and sometimes it’s just good to browse other peoples wishlists to get some inspo for your own! I had to include my wishlist so if you want to check it out, click here!

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11 thoughts on “Amazon Wishlist Kindness

  1. I love this wish-list idea that’s been going around. It’s such a lovely way to spread some positivity and happiness in this dark time we’re in. I’m waiting to get paid from some blogging jobs then I’m going to be buying a few gifts for people this week. I don’t personally think it’s about the quantity of gifts you receive, it’s about the sentiment behind them. It’s such a lovely gesture, whether you can manage to give 1 or 10! xxx

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  2. This is such a lovely idea! I’ve seen these threads on Twitter and would love to join in after I get paid 🙂 Thank you for sharing your advice Ellie, this is really helpful. I love the idea of gifting cute stationery items, Sass & Belle products are always so nice! ❤ xx

    Bexa |

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  3. I’ve seen a lot of people create these, thank you for the general idea and tips! Might make my own wishlist soon…



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