KIPOZI Pencil Straightener

Ever heard of a pencil straightener? Yeah, me either! I was contacted to review the KIPOZI Pencil Straightener, also marketed as a beard styler! Perfect for him & her.

First Impressions

When I got it out the box the first thing noticeable is the pretty sleek design of it and how lightweight it is. It’s easy to hold and the shape of it makes it really easy to style your hair. The actual straightener bit is a really thin wand with not a lot of surface area. It’s only the tip of the wand that has the heated plates, the rest of the straightener stays cool so you’ve got more room to safely grip! It works really well for precise styling and I find it works nicely for me when the front bits of my hair goes a little frizzy throughout the day and tames my fringe.


How does it work?

It has a few different heat settings which are indicated by a flashing light inside. You can control how hot you want them and once it heats to the desired temperature it beeps with a flashing light so you’re aware when it’s ready! The on/off button is in the same area so it’s all easily accessible. This bit of the straightener, as mentioned before, doesn’t get hot so it’s safe. I do love heated stylers that have the variable temperatures because it makes it so much easier.


Price point

These are listed on Amazon at £21.99 with free delivery for Prime members so for a hair styler it’s not a bad price point at all considering I’d spend around £30. The long cable, different heat settings and sleek design definitely make it worth its money.


Obviously, I think you’d struggled to straighten your whole head of hair with this product, it’s designed more for a precise style to maybe straighten your fringe or curl the ends of your hair with a cute, bouncy look. If a sleek, pencil shape styler is what you’re after these are 100% worth checking out!

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*Items in this blog post were gifted to me, however all opinions are my own and are in no way biased*

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