L’oreal Colorista: Boredom Buster

UK lockdown means one thing, boredom. I struggle not being bored when I have 2 days off work in a row, let alone 4 weeks. As I’m writing this it’s day 3 of the official UK lockdown as per Boris’ announcement and I’ve no concept of time. Tell me why I woke up and willingly got out of bed at 9am to dye my hair.

I’ve used L’oreal’s Colorista range of wash out hair dyes in the past and they’re definitely one of my favourites. They’ve got a range of pastel colours as well as vibrant ones along with different wears (how long they last).

They cost about £6-£8 depending on if they’re on offer and I tend to buy them from Boots, although I was in a virtual queue so I couldn’t get you guys a link. I did try the Dirty Pink one last year which only lasts 2-3 washes and it was quite pale, the lighter your natural hair is the more it takes to it. However, on this occasion I ended up trying out the Hot Pink shade which has was medium wear and lasts apparently up to 12 washes! *I thought the one I had now was the same one as the picture I took of the one I tried last year, blogger fail*


The application is pretty simple, whack on some gloves and massage into your hair. You get a little instruction book and gives you some tips on if you want to dye the whole of your hair or if you want an ombre look. You also get gloves provided and it says to do it on dry hair. I wash my hair beforehand, towel dry it and then start the process. There’s no need to condition your hair before you dye it because the actual hair dye is really nourishing for your hair, my hair always feels so soft.

I left it on for about 25 minutes but you can either leave it longer or for less time depending on what results you want. It was also pretty simple to apply on my own, I didn’t need any help!

In terms of the results, oh my god I genuinely love it. It took to my hair really well and it has a slight ombre effect. I’ll admit that my application probably wasn’t very precise as there are still parts of my natural hair colour that you see but what can you do! If you want a semi-permanent colour to kill your boredom, the Colorista ranges are so good because they don’t damage your hair either! IMG_9864

Have you ever tried any of the hair dyes?

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30 thoughts on “L’oreal Colorista: Boredom Buster

  1. When hair dye is easy to apply it literally makes the whole process so much better! I’m a big fan of the colour, it really suits you x

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  2. That is such a pretty colour! It looks so nice on you, Ellie! I haven’t dyed my hair in a while but now would be the perfect time, right?! Being stuck at home for so long is a good opportunity to experiment with new looks! Pink hair really suits you and it sounds like you used a great kit too – thanks for the recommendation! ❤ xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

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  3. That colour looks great on you! I’ve never dyed my hair other than a few highlights about 10 years ago and I’ve always been nervous to do it but a wash out like this does sound like something fun to try while we’re stuck inside. x


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  4. I love pink hair and this shade suits you so much! The old Alice would have definitely dyed her hair by now haha however I spend far too much time and money on my hair to risk anything without my hairdressers permission now 😂 Would love to see what the other colours they do are like!
    Alice Xx

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  5. I’ve always wanted to try pink hair but my natural colour is dark brown so I’d have to get it bleached first – not an option at the moment, sadly. But your hair looks gorgeous, the colour really suits you 🙂

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