Planning A Party!

Ever since I was little I’ve loved planning parties. Whether that be my 5th birthday at the Wacky Warehouse or my 11th birthday onesie party. Obviously, credit to my Mom for actually planning all of my fave birthdays but when you get older, you realise you’ve got a lot more free reign to plan it yourself! My 21st birthday is in a couple of weeks and I thought I’d put together a list of things to think about when planning a party, whether for you or someone else.

Venue; Where do you want your party?

The venue has the be the most important part of a party, in my opinion. If the location isn’t right people might not be able to make it, if it’s too expensive then it’s out of the budget and if the capacity of the venue is too small then you won’t fit all your guests in.

Of course, if you were to have a small more lowkey affair then holding it at your house means there’s no venue hire cost and probably really easy to get to for the guests but if you do want to go big and hire out a venue for it then there’s a lot to think about.

Event Venues with SquareMeal is your go-to place for looking for party venues in the area you want to hold it. You can search locally or by the city if you were holding it elsewhere! Just type in the desired postcode or chosen city and it’ll come up with a list of venues and you can filter to within a certain amount of miles. Each ‘listing’ gives you the maximum number of guests, the facilities and what type of venue it is like a restaurant or conference room. SquareMeal makes it super easy to then contact the venue and it saves you hours on google trying to find a list of different venues.


Guests; Who do you want there?

Invitations and guest lists are things you really need to think about before deciding on a venue because some places have a minimum amount of guests to be booked and of course all venues have a maximum number. Think about who you want at your party because you don’t want to forget to accidentally invite someone! And don’t invite someone if you feel pressured to have them there even if you don’t want them there.

My 20th Birthday Cake!

How do you want to celebrate?

Is it a night of karaoke? Pigging out to an all you can eat buffet? The choice is yours when planning a party. Depending on what kind of celebrations you want to get up to then don’t forget to check the rules of the venue beforehand. If it’s a venue where they don’t have a bar and no licence then check you’re allowed to take your own alcohol.

Remember the most important thing is to have fun in the planning stages no matter how stressful it may become!

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6 thoughts on “Planning A Party!

  1. I’m not a huge party person so I prefer more smaller or intimate events with my closest friends or family but I do love planning for other people, you gave some good advice and I think the venue is the key like you said and then everything else can be adjusted according to that. Hope you have a brilliant 21st xx

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  2. I find planning parties, especially for my daughter, so stressful – but these are great tips and I will have to remember them for next time!

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