Norvina Vs Reloaded

I’m back with a makeup related post, can you believe it! Since having a long, unexpected break from blogging I’ve barely bought any new makeup which I’m sure my bank account loves me for. But this got me thinking about how makeup these days can cost an arm and a leg.

In my makeup collection, I have a fair share of high-end products as well as quite a few drugstore products which are a lot more feasible for my budget. It is nice to treat yourself to a pretty high-end product but today’s blog post is going to see if they really are worth it or if you’re better off sticking to your Superdrug budget buy.

Norvina v Reloaded

The two palettes in question today are the Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina palette Vs the Revolution Reloaded Visionary palette. The first main point is that the price difference an incredible £41. The Revolution palette costs £5 whereas ABH comes in at £46! You can also take into account that Superdrug tends to do 3 for 2 so if you were buying anything else you’d potentially get it for free. 


The ABH palette is probably one of my favourites in my collection, and despite it being very prestige which some people would save for their going-out looks I do reach for this on a daily basis. None of the shades are too bright and the matte shades work really well as crease & transition shades. It also comes with a 2 sided brush (I think I’ve lost mine) and a mirror inside.

The actual palette is almost like a soft velvet feel and is really stunning. It feels padded and protected so it’s also good for travel! The only downside to the palette itself is that the shimmer shades have so much fall out in the palette that it ends up becoming so messy! In terms of pigmentation, this has to be a 10/10. The shimmer shades are almost a buttery texture and work onto the eyes so smoothly, even with a brush, but you get the best results using your finger. There’s no fallout when applying to your lids and all in all, is a gorgeous palette. I always find matte shades never have good pigmentation but the shade Volatile is the most pigmented shade I think I’ve ever used.

Norvina ABH


To be quite honest, I rarely use this palette. I bought it for the sole purpose to compare it to ABH and then just never reached for it. However, it doesn’t mean I hate the palette. In terms of it’s packaging it’s a pretty standard plastic casing, doesn’t come with a brush or mirror but for £5 it’s not something you’d expect. You do get one more shade than you do in the Norvina palette but this one does focus more on the mattes to cater for more of an everyday palette. The pink, purple and white shimmers are so pretty and pigmentation isn’t that bad at all, but no match on the ABH shades. The shimmer shades work really well when applying with your finger but the fallout when applying with a brush is really disappointing. I find that if I apply it with a brush then spray your brush with a setting spray it holds the colour a little bit more.

Reloaded Revolution


Both palettes have their strengths and weaknesses and there are some differences in shades and colours so I decided to do swatch by swatch of 2 shades that probably match up the best.

Both pink shades are really pretty and to be honest, the swatches are almost identical. In terms of pigmentation 1 swipe produced these results and they look so similar. The only difference is that shade 7 from Revolution is slightly more of a baby/pale pink whereas the wild child from ABH is just a bit of a darker pink shade.

Pink swatch shade The purple shades, which are my fave, are a bit less similar than the pinks were. Shade 12 in the Visionary palette is way more of a lilac purple whereas celestial in Norvina is almost like a burgundy shade, however, it does have lilac shimmer flex undertones. Again pigmentation looks pretty similar but ABH goes onto the lid so much easier.

Purple swatch shade


All in all both palettes are good for what they are. I do adore the Norvina palette but because I had it as a birthday gift I don’t think I’d go and buy it for myself, even though I do use it every day. If it’s an everyday palette your after and you don’t want to break the bank then the Revolution palette will do just fine!

Which do you prefer?


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17 thoughts on “Norvina Vs Reloaded

  1. I’ve been wanting an ABH palette for ages now and I can’t decide between soft glam or Norvina! Despite norvina seeming the clear winner, I do prefer the purple shade of the Revolution palette though I don’t think that would persuade me to go straight to the Revolution xx

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  2. I don’t have either of these specific palettes but I’ve never been blown away by the Revolution formula the same way as ABH. I think the Revolution one is fine if you’re trying to watch the pennies a little bit or don’t want to splurge if it’s not your regular colour scheme but I do think ABH is worth saving for or splurging on if you really want it/ know you’ll use it x


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  3. These colours are really pretty aren’t they, I definitely prefer the more burgundy shade, I can’t believe how much difference in cost both palettes are! Thanks for the comparisons x

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  4. I’m very much the same as you. I have having a high end product but sometimes I just can justify the price. Both of these palettes are gorgeous and I’ve heard so many good things about the ABH palette so I think I’ll put it on a future birthday wish list! X

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  5. I am obsessed with my Norvina Palette although I was hoping for a lilac purple (similar to the Revolution Palette). I agree that Norvina is a bit pricey and I tend to have to reach for my Soft Glam Palette or Morphe 35O to complete a look. If I can get the shades Dazzling, Summer, Dreamer, Eccentric, and Passion as singles, I’d probably do that instead of repurchase Norvina. If I can’t, these shades are so beautiful that I definitely think it’d be worth the investment. Great post!

    Dom |

    Liked by 1 person

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