Dating App Hacks*

I’m no stranger to dating apps, I’ve had my fair share of experiences with them…especially Tinder- but they’re definitely stories for a whole other blog post.

In a world where I work full-time and struggle to have a social life, chatting to people on apps & websites when I have spare time is the only way I know how to meet people and the most convenient. Dating apps aren’t to everyone’s taste but for those who do use them to actively search for a significant other, I thought I’d pile together a few tips and tricks and things to think about when using and signing up to dating services.

Which website/app?

Considering that dating services are extremely popular these days, with an estimated 50 million users on Tinder as of 2018, there’s no shortage of inclusive websites to use. Love Staffordshire Singles is a website in which, you guessed it, the people of Staffordshire can meet! This is genuinely such a good idea because although on some apps you are able to filter location, sometimes it never actually works and you end up talking to someone from the other end of the country not realising. Dorset Dating hones in on the Dorset area so that you’re able to meet people knowing they’re probably no more than a short car journey away. There’s also an array of apps as well as those that are inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community.


Is it safe?

As with any situation where you’re meeting someone from a website, it comes with some safety concerns. But if you’re taking precautions then you won’t end up dead in a ditch because your date from Bumble has murdered you, irrational fears. Doing things such as phone calls and video chats and even just a good old Snapchat before you meet them is sufficient enough, as long as you’re certain you’re going to be meeting the same person you’re talking to then go ahead! All apps and website have the option to report or block a user if you’re ever offended, feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

When planning a date always make sure it’s somewhere public, you let at least one person know where you’re going and of course who you’re going with. This covers your back in case anything happens or if you need rescuing because your date is super boring!

Will I find the one?

Hmmm…. hard to say. My past 2 ex-boyfriends have been off Tinder and let’s just say they ended disastrously. But that doesn’t mean to say you’re not going to find your future husband or the Mum to your child. The trick to success is not taking it too seriously. So many people get super clingy after a week of sending gifs to each other and then other times you get ghosted. You just have to take it as a bit of fun and see where it goes.

Whether it’s Love Dorest Singles you sign up to or have a little gander on Staffordshire dating site there’s something for everyone!

You can read a previous blog post I wrote about dating here!

*This post is sponsored but  all opinions are my own and are in no way biased*

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7 thoughts on “Dating App Hacks*

  1. This was so interesting to read, thank you for sharing! I’ve always been curious regarding dating apps but haven’t actually ever used one. I think my hesitation stems from my fear that I will become more superficial when it comes to “choosing” a potential partner. All of my past relationships have NOT followed any kind of pattern regarding looks, personality or interests so I am kind of a little sceptical. That being said, I do not judge before I experience and I would definitely like to give a dating app a go in the near future! x


  2. Having a dating app just for one area is such a good idea, and saves you from chatting to people who would be too far to meet up with. I’m currently on a dating break, but when I’m ready to start again I shall definitely see if there is something specific to where I live. Thanks for sharing the tips Ellie, really useful post! ❤ xx

    Bexa |

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