What to expect from your theory test

As some of you might know I’ve been learning to drive since the middle of July and on a whole, I’m doing pretty well.  But as you know, before you can even think to book your driving test you have to pass your theory test first.

My instructor advised me to book my theory test for about 6 weeks from my first lesson. This meant that I’d have plenty of time to revise for it and then it’d be done and out the way. I did book mine but then the 6 weeks went by so fast that I never actually did any revision so I cancelled it. I ended up rebooking for the end of October and passed the first time!

The Basics 

In terms of booking it you can go online to Gov.uk and you’ll need your provisional licence and debit/credit card on hand. It’ll give you test centres to pick from and then a time and a date. You will have to book just under a month in advance as spaces fill up really quick. It costs £23 but you can cancel to get a full refund if you cancel within 3 working days. You can also go online to change your date or the time if you need to reschedule for whatever reason.

At The Centre

When you get to your chosen test centre you hand over your provisional, read through some instructions and then you’re given a locker key to put everything in. Coats, jumpers, hoodies, watches, your phone (turned off) and anything else you might have. You can’t take anything into the test room except for your provisional and locker key.

Obvious procedures might be slightly different depending on where you take your theory but once I’d locked everything away I was told to sit down and wait till I was called. When it was my turn I was asked if it was my first time taking my theory and then talked through some instructions. I got given a number of which computer to go to and then that was that. You do have a 15-minute practice set of questions to get used to the system but I just wanted to get the test over with so skipped through this. If you haven’t read up about how to use the system then it’s definitely worth reading online.

The Test

You have an hour to do the multiple-choice questions where some answers require more than 1 answer but I never had any of them, nor did I have any questions about the stopping distance but it is always good to memorise stopping distances just in case. The hazard perception test is 14 videos in which you click when you see a hazard or a developing hazard. 13 clips have only 1 developing hazard but 1 clip has 2! You get scored out of 5 depending on how fast you react to the hazard. There’s actually no cursor on the screen so just click when you see a hazard as it doesn’t matter where you click on the screen.

Once you’re done you end the test and you have the option to do a survey on how you found the experience as well as the opportunity to take part in a few other questions (these don’t count towards your marks) for future tests. I did the survey but didn’t participate in the extra questions. Once you are finally complete you quietly walk out of the test room, get your belongings out your locker and hand in your licence and locker key to the main desk.

The Results 

So I handed in my licence and confirmed my surname and the man at the main desk handed me my piece of paper with my results on. I opened it and it said PASS. I’m not going to lie, I cried! I was so happy and relieved that my theory was now something I didn’t have to worry about. I got 44/50 on the multiple-choice where the pass mark is 43 and then 56 out of 75 on hazard perception with the pass rate being 44.


I thought I was gonna be mega prepared for my test and revise every day up until my test. Fast forward a week before my test and I panic downloaded and paid about £4.99 for an app that probably made me pass. There’s probably around 700 questions on the app, including hazard perception videos. I honestly recommend this app SO much because half of the questions in my actual test I’d already answered on the app and 2 of the hazard perception videos I watched on the app came up on my test! There are also quite a few books available to read but I found the app helped so much more. The app also allows you to practice certain subjects individually like road signs, alertness etc so you can work on what your weak areas are.


If you are taking your theory test soon then good luck! I hope this has helped you feel like you’re more prepared to go for it.

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4 thoughts on “What to expect from your theory test

  1. I started to learn how to drive a few years ago and did my theory test and passed but I stopped learning for a while and now I’m back to it I have to do my theory all over again! Congrats on passing I can’t wait to get mine out of the way x

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