I’m definitely not one of those girls who applies fake eyelashes every single day. It takes practice, skill and patience yet I seem to be lacking in all 3 areas. However, the very few times that I have tried lashes I’ve fallen in love with the way that they look.

WeLoveLashes got in contact with me and asked if I wanted to try out some RedCherry lashes from  FalseEyelashes.co.uk and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to crack down on my skills and get in some fake lash practice. I was sent 3 packets of different lashes from RedCherry as well as a lash glue and an applicator tool.

The first pair of lashes, and probably the most dramatic, are the RedCherry #217 (trace) lashes. They get longer on the outer edge and give a really long, volumised look. They’re the perfect lash style for a night out where you want something a little more obvious. I chose these ones to practice with and absolutely adored the way that they looked. These cost under £5, at £3.99.


I found them super easy to apply using the Lash Applicator Tool, a FalseEyeLashes.co.uk own brand. These cost £4.99 and come in a few different colours, the gold ones I got sent have such an expensive feel to them but they also do a pretty pink colour! These grip and hold onto the lashes super easy without damaging the actual lashes like I feel tweezers do. you can use the applicator to position the lashes onto your own lashline and to push the inner and outer corners in.


The glue I was gifted was one from Revlon, costing just £3.99 for a 5ml tube. The glue dries clear which means there’s no mess and the handy brush makes it really easy to apply accurately. I find the glue that comes with a lot of lashes tends to be a really tiny tube, making it hard to apply the glue with no mess.

The next pair of lashes are the #523 (Sage) Lashes By RedCherry. Again these are an incredible £3.99 and are a little bit more glam with a fanned looked and pretty full. These would be the perfect fluttery lash. They’d definitely be the finishing touch to any fab makeup look and I can’t wait to use these if I’ve got a party or a night out where I want to go all out with my makeup look.


The final pair, which are my absolute favourite, is the RedCherry Demi Wispy. Again these cost just only £3.99 and are the prettiest out of the 3. I think the reason they’re my favourite is that they’re quite subtle.  They also have a natural texture and would be the best lashes to wear on an everyday basis. These Demi Wispy’s are amongst RedCherry’s bestsellers and I can see why!


The website is really easy to navigate allowing you to search by brand and style, as well as stocking accessories like lash glue and even mascara. They have a deals tab so you can see what’s in the clearance section. The best thing is that they offer free delivery with no minimum spend.

They also have a Lash Club where you can earn points to gain money off. For each £1 spent, you earn 1 point and you can also gain points by signing up and following their socials. It’s similar to high-street store loyalty cards so if you buy lashes often you can earn quite a few points.

Another thing that I found out from browsing their website is that you’re able to subscribe to their lashes for a minimum term of 3 months. You chose the date that you want them delivered, what lashes you want and they’ll arrive at your door, you also save a bit of money by subscribing as well so if you’re an avid lash wearer then I think that’s a really good incentive.


Massive thank you to Falseeylashes.co.uk for sending out some gorgeous lashes and if you are looking for fake lashes, they stock brands like Ardell, House of Lashes, Eye Candy and so many more so please check out their website. Don’t forget to check out their Instagram and Twitter too!

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*Items in this blog post were sent by Falseeyelashes.co.uk, however all opinions are my own and are in no way biased*

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6 thoughts on “WeLoveLashes!

  1. I have never used fake eyelashes before, I just feel like it would be too extra, especially when I don’t have any occasion that warrants them! Haha!! These ones sound gorgeous though, and now I really want to at least try some! I would love to see some pictures of you wearing them so we can see what they look like on! xx


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  2. I’ve only had fake lashes on a handful of times in my life. I loved the way I looked, but found it was really irritating my eyes. It is a shame as I wouldn’t mind wearing them more often.xx

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