Fila Disruptors? Knot Today

History has a funny habit of repeating itself, especially when it comes to fashion. If you’re someone who is hyper-aware of current fashion trends or someone who works in a shoe shop then you’ll know that Fila Disruptors are at the forefront of fashion right now. Just like Marmite, you’ll love them or hate them.

So what’s wrong with them? Well… what’s right with them? If you’ve seen the memes you’ll know that they’ve accumulated the nicknames of curb stompers, (pretty sure this is also the name of a wrestling move) dinosaur stompers and quite frankly I think they’re ridiculous. How on earth Fila got their designs approved is beyond me, especially now they’ve released a neon collection and an extra chunky collection… yes you heard right.


Working in a shoe shop you gauge the type of people that are going to buy certain shoes. As soon as someone walks through the door you can tell whether they’re going to head towards the Vans old skools and know exactly what size they are because they’ve purchased them several times before and then you know who is going to ask you where your Skechers are. And then you know exactly who’s coming in for a good old pair of Fila. They tend to come in groups, known as the Fila squad. Normally in groups of 4 or more with at least one member of the squad already proudly flaunting their Fila dino stompers.

I wouldn’t even wear these to my own funeral, let alone to work where everyone can see. What are your thoughts on these bad boys?

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18 thoughts on “Fila Disruptors? Knot Today

  1. Weirdly I really like the original ones, these are slightly toooooo chunky for me but I do love the colour 😂 I could never justify spending that much money on a pair of shoes that will go out of fashion v soon though!! Em xx

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  2. I loveeee my Filas! So comfy! I mean I do get called “dinosaur stompers” and I am fully aware that you either love them or you hate them haha! Those yellow ones are hideous though! I would like to think that mine are cute, all white with a little bit of pink xx

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  3. I love chunky sneakers – like TUK’s Creepers – but these are a little too sporty looking for me and definitely wouldn’t work with my overall style.

    I don’t see them worn here at all in the Upper Midwest states, so I’m not even sure how someone from my neck of the woods would style them.

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  4. Fila sneakers are an example of the ugly shoe. Yes it’s not as attractive but it’s a classic example of ugly fashion that works. Seriously pair some white Fila sneakers, floral slip dress, denim jacket and oval sunnies, you’ll look like the stylish chick from the 90s. It’s like I like them and I don’t but that’s fashion 😂

    Natonya |

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  5. Lmao! People are still buzzing about these and it’s so sad people always hop on a trend without really considering if they like it or if it looks good on them. 😦 Strangely enough I think these are the kind of shoes you wear for cool shoots and wanting to really drive a kick in the “I think I’m cool trying not to be cool” kinda thing lol if you know what I mean.

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