Restoring Your Karma

I think sometimes we all need to sit and reflect upon the past, the mistakes we made and our wrongdoings. It’s healthy to know what we did wrong, maybe why we did it and how we can try to overcome it.

Karma isn’t something I necessarily believe in but I do tend to take on the mentality of Yeah Karma’s gonna get her. So far, Karma has not got anyone I’ve been waiting for her to get…. and I think that’s where I’m going wrong in life. Being an Aries, I’m extremely stubborn so half the time I like to think I’m never in the wrong and everything has to happen my way.

I’ve made mistakes and I’ve done shit I’m not proud of. You hurt people when trying to put yourself first but then you hurt yourself when you’re putting others first. It’s a constant cycle of trying to balance your own happiness whilst helping to contribute to the happiness of others around you.

I feel as though I’m owed a lot of bad Karma for things that I’ve done to people or the way I’ve spoken about them and it’s ok to admit that. Start admitting when you’re in the wrong and start trying to correct it like I want to do moving forward.

So where have I been? Life’s been pretty difficult lately if I’m being completely honest. There’s been a few too many emotional breakdowns, some really poor decisions on my behalf and way too much shopping my sadness away. Life is never going to be all sunshine and rainbows and it’s fine to take time off when you need it. I feel guilty for neglecting my blog and blogs social media but I feel awful for not keeping up with some of my favourite blogs!

From this point forward I want to be able to keep up efficiently with blogging again like I used to because it brought me so much happiness but when you’re not in the right frame of mind it’s hard to concentrate your energies on something that you’re going to half arse. But for now, enjoy a few photos I took a few weeks ago!

peng dropletpeng leavespeng stem

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