JustNewHomes.com Launches a Property Portal Specialising in New Build Developments*

I was recently having a conversation with a friend about buying houses and getting yourself on the property ladder so when the opportunity came up to talk about a website that’s dedicated to new build homes I thought it was perfect.

New Build Housing Website

JustNewHomes.com are a website specifically designed to search for new build properties by location, allowing you to set your minimum & maximum price, location radius and property type. The website finds new build developments direct from the developers meaning that you’re cutting out the middleman and making things a lot easier for yourself when buying or investing into a property. Features on the website include being able to directly contact the developer, arrange a viewing and see all the information you need to in regards to the pricing and property details. The website is also really easy to navigate and even if you aren’t thinking about buying a house or flat anytime soon, it’s nice to see what is available!

New Build House Experience

A few weeks ago I was talking to a friend of mine who recently bought her first home with her partner and they decided to go for a new build. She kindly gave me a statement and talked me through her experience on it;

Me and my boyfriend had been saving up to get ourselves on the property ladder for quite a while and we came across a new build development situated a few miles away from where we originally wanted to move to. I highly recommended new builds because the process was pretty much straight forward.

New Build Houses & Flats

Just like when searching for your family home, there’s a huge variety of different properties available such as detached houses, penthouse apartments, 1 bedrooms flats, 3 bedroom semi-detached houses and cosy little flats. So whatever it is you’re looking for, there will be a new build waiting for you and of course you can utilise JustNewHomes.com to your advantage in customising the search features to get the exact results you want.

I recently learned a few things about new build houses and flats such as you get a guarantee with new builds and there’s no upwards chain meaning that you’re not waiting around for someone to sell their house! Also, if you buy off-plan you’re usually able to liaise with the builders in deciding what kitchen fixtures you want, the style of bathroom tiles and a lot more personalisation. It’s also easier to get onto the property ladder as a first time buyer if you do opt for a new build. For anyone conscious of their eco footprint, new builds do tend me a lot more energy efficient which is a bonus.

Of course there will always be some cons of new build homes as opposed to existing properties but the JustNewHomes.com website is really handy if you are thinking of either moving house or becoming a first time buyer. I’d love to know if you’ve ever moved into a new build or if you’re totally against them?

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*This blog post is sponsored by JustNewHomes, however all opinions are my own and are in no way biased*

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