No More Acrylics | Red Cameo London

From a young age i’ve always loved the idea of painting my nails. In high school we were never allowed to paint them due to the extremely strict uniform rules so when I finally finished high school I painted my nails to death. Reds, pinks, greens, blues you name it all of the colours of the rainbows i’ve had on my nails. Obviously all of that nail varnish remover my nail have endured over the past 4 years isn’t great.

I’ve tried out different brands of fake nails and although the end result is pretty, the state my nails are in after i’ve removed them are terrible. I also had acrylic nails for the first time in the summer but they’re too expensive to upkeep when each set costs around £30. I didn’t actually realise there were any other alternatives to pretty nails until I was lucky enough to be sent out a kit of nail wraps by Red Cameo London.

Who are Red Cameo London?

Red Cameo London are an English company that specialise in nail wraps selling a range of colours from nudes to sparkles. They also sell top coats as well as LED lamps for nail art.

Why Nail Wraps?

To my understanding, nail wraps are essentially stickers for your nails which you can get in different colours. There’s no harsh chemicals involved when needing to remove them and to get extra wear out of them you can use a clear guard over the top of them and then set them under a LED lamp, all available to buy on the website. I think that these are the perfect alternative to going and getting a manicure or acrylic nails because they can last for a few weeks and in each packet of nail wraps you buy, they include enough for a few applications. The price of the nail wraps start from £9.99 depending on colour/style which is a lot cheaper than a salon visit every month or so.

What do you get?

In the package I was sent, I received a clear guard top coat, travel sized LED lamp which is perfect to use for setting your nail wraps as well as any gel polish you might have. I also got 2 packets of nail wraps (a silver colour and a pink colour) and a little practice set.


How Did I get On?

With Red Cameo London, the nail wraps aren’t as simple as stick them and go. They come in a packet with different sizes for each different nail and you do have to cut it down to the size and shape of your own nails, but the size range is really great. It wasn’t too hard finding sizes to fit each nail but it certainly was fiddly to cut it down to size but applying the top coat and then setting under the lamp was extremely simple and easy.

I ended up opting for the pink colour of wraps on all fingers except the ring finger which I put the glittery silver on for a bit of a different look. There is a tutorial online that shows you how to apply the nail wraps but most of it is in a time lapse style of video so it’s quite hard to follow.

Overall the process of choosing a size for your nail and trimming it down was really easy but actually sticking it on and smoothing it down caused me so many issues. No matter how much I tried, the wraps wouldn’t go smooth and would have bumps and lines in. I followed the tutorial as I should’ve and I just couldn’t get it. I think more practice is needed but if you’re someone who is used to doing nail art or anything similar it’ll probably be a lot easier! I still think the idea of these is super fab and Red Cameo London have done a great job in creating something alternative. Fingers crossed I can get the hang of applying them in the future! cropped-500-1.png

*Products featured in this blog post were kindly gifted from Red Cameo London, however all opinions are my own and are in no way biased*

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