The Ellie Edit; Introduction

I’m forever wanting to change things up. Whether that’s my style, Instagram feed or a new hair colour. Lately i’ve been pondering over the direction in which my blog is going in. I never really know how to describe my blog because of the mix between lifestyle posts and makeup looks. I mean sure, that’s not a problem because I have a following of readers who love both content but there’s only so many makeup hauls I can do and it’s not like I have an unlimited supply of new makeup that I can review for you guys.

Out of my top 5 most viewed posts, only 1 of them involves beauty but even then it’s still a lifestyle type of post; Blogger Box Swap with Beth. Don’t get me wrong, my makeup looks and beauty reviews do get good views and always have a good response in terms of comments but they just don’t do as well as my lifestyle posts which are either product reviews that aren’t beauty or chatty kind of posts.

Nothing drastic is going to change here on The Diary Of Ellie but you might find that I start posting less about beauty and start doing more lifestyle & advice posts. I absolutely love taking photos of makeup but struggle to find reasons to blog about them so if you do want to follow me on my Instagram you can keep up with my photography because that’s something i’m always going to be passionate about.


The Ellie Edit will be a new series in which I ramble on about everything and anything. It might include life updates, interviews or just be a string of photos which I want to share. I always find that there’s photos that never get noticed which I want to show off or topics I want to talk about but can’t seem to fit into my blog. This might end up being a once a month thing or once a week, depending on how I feel and the reaction I get from it!

I hope you can come along on this journey with me and stick by me no matter what direction my blog goes in. I’m forever thankful of the followers who stick by me and without a doubt like or comment on my posts!

Don’t forget to check out my latest post; ColourPop Haul

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17 thoughts on “The Ellie Edit; Introduction

  1. blacktulipbeauty says:

    Yay Ellie!! You sound exactly like me when I started my transition. The issue is, my blog has “beauty” in the URL haha! Rookie mistake. I personally can’t wait to read new styled posts from you and see some more photography bits! Going from a beauty to a lifestyle blog really widened my demographic and meant I could explore and talk about anything and everything I wanted to. Excited for you!!
    Alice Xx

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  2. glowsteady says:

    This is so relevant to me right now. I’m thinking of ditching beauty too and focusing on food, but then I get worried that I’m narrowing my content down too much. My beauty posts always do well, especially foundation reviews. I’m looking forward to seeing what your new series brings. It’s important to post what you want to post! x


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