ColourPop Haul

Finally, a ColourPop haul! I’ve been wanting to do an order off ColourPop for the longest time but I was always put off by the shipping fees and then the added custom fees people moaned about. There was an offer on for free delivery on orders over $50 so me and Simone did an joint order. In terms of delivery they came with a courier and took just over a week to arrive which was really fast for something from America!

It was hard to not buy everything off the website but I didn’t want to go too overboard incase I wasn’t impressed with the products and then it’d have been a waste of money. I ended up paying about £31 for 4 items and customs price (which is added on at the checkout) split between me and Simone. 1 of the items is a Christmas present so I can’t show that!

The first thing I got was the Ooh La La eyeshadow palette for $12! It hosts a range of pink shades, mainly matte, along with some shimmery shades to pair with the pinks and purples. You get 9 shades and although some of them are quite vibrant, they’re shades I don’t own and know i’ll get use out of them. They’re all super pigmented, especially the matte pink Sandbar, and I can’t wait to start giving this a go! The only downside is that it’s quite a small palette, I did think it’d be bigger but that just makes it perfect for travelling with and I love the size of the mirror.

Ooh Lala Palette.jpg

I couldn’t not get one of their Super Shock products and because i’d already decided on an eye palette I decided to go for a highlight! For $8 I got the Super Shock highlight in the shade Felicity. I was blown away at the texture of it when it arrived, it was almost wet and super bouncy and felt really creamy. It was nothing like i’d ever felt before and I think that’s what makes them so popular! The pigmentation is quite subtle but gives off a nice glitter shine. The only thing negative I have to say is that the shade colour online looks a bit different to the actual product but it’s still really pretty.

Felicity ColourpopFelicity highlight

The final product (that I can show) is the My Little Pony brush set for $8 reduced from $22. I don’t think i’d pay full price for these because they are only travel size so they’re on the small size but you have a range of different brushes. There’s a few for your face makeup and then some for eyes too! They’re sooo soft and the little case they come in is so cute.

My little ponyxColourpopMy little ponyxColourpop 2

Overall i’m really happy with my ColourPop haul and i’m glad I finally placed an order with them! Have you ever bought anything from ColourPop or is there anything you really want?

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43 thoughts on “ColourPop Haul

  1. I couldn’t wait to see what you’d bought as soon as I saw you’d placed an order so I was so excited to finally see this post! That palette looks great for travel and I’d love to try their highlighter next time I order from them!

    Jess //

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  2. I love the Ooh La La eyeshadow palette, those colours are gorgeous! It is the perfect size for travelling and so affordable too. The My Little Pony brushes are super cute too, I love the pinkness and the sweet little case. Lovely post Ellie, thanks for sharing your fantastic goodies! ❤ xx

    Bexa |

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  3. I’ve never tried anything from ColourPop before but their products that I’ve seen always look so pretty! That palette you got looks gorgeous, the shades in it are amazing. I’d love to use colours like that for my eyeshadow but I’m not brave enough 😂 that brush set you got is so cute too! I love the colours of them, and that bag it comes in is adorable 😍 looks like you chose some great products and got a good mixture of things!


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  4. I love Colourpop! The palette looks so gorgeous, I love all of those shades! I also love the Super Shock highlighters! I have the shade “Hippo” and it’s my favorite! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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  5. Great post! I’ve been really wanting to get some ColourPop products to the UK but the shipping/customs has always put me off, I really wish they’d start distributing from the UK. That Super Shock highlighter sounds absolutely incredible. I really want to try their lipsticks as well!

    By the way, I’ve also tagged you in my most recent post that is an Autumn Tag. I’d love to see your answers! You can find the post here –


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  6. I ordered a couple of Colourpop bits a couple of years back and although I really liked their products and formulas, I can’t actually say I ever really used them at all?! The shipping/customs prices do also put me off. I’m hoping when I eventually go to America I can buy some bits over there instead of guessing what I’d like! Love the look of the brushes and the palette though, they’re super cute!
    Alice Xx

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