Let’s Talk; Numbers

I think it’s easy to get wrapped up in a world of numbers, stats and how well your doing in terms of blogging. I see tweets daily of people celebrating reaching 200 views in one day or people disappointed that they didn’t even reach 10. I understand people have milestones they want to reach and an expectation of what they should be getting in terms of likes or number of views.

Lately i’ve been obsessed with the numbers. I’ve been obsessing over trying to reach 100 views a day and trying to outdo monthly visitors. Why? Because I want to prove to myself that my blog is worthy. How do I validate that? By looking at views. So what happens when I don’t accomplish the goals I set myself? Self doubt.


I know in my heart that my blog is amazing. I’ve worked so hard to get it to where it is with all of my sponsored posts, brand work and a loyal following. I achieved over 1,000 followers in less than a year of blogging and i’ll never be able to explain how thankful and lucky I am to have that achievement. But when I struggle to reach 50 views in one day it’s upsetting and disappointing. Each month I set myself bigger goals thinking i’ll accomplish them but after thinking about it all, I think i’ve finally accepted consistency is better than trying to always outdo yourself and always trying to achieve more.

It’s okay to be obsess and focus all your energy on numbers because in all honesty the views give a lot of people validation. Of course it’s nice to realise you’ve exceeded your previous month comments but sometimes we shouldn’t try so hard to. I’d much rather have the same amount of views and gain the same amount of followers each month than going out of my way to try and promote my blog so much that it drains the energy out of me. I’d rather be consistent than pour my heart and soul into promotion which might not even pay off.

I work, I have responsibilities at home, I try and have a social life on top of trying to put out 2 posts a week. All of that is time consuming in itself so the added pressure of trying to beat last months goals is so unnecessary. Going forward from here I want to check my stats less and only really set myself long term goals for blogging rather than monthly. I think it’s quite easy to lose yourself in all of the numbers when that doesn’t matter when the reason you blog is out of pure love for the creative outlet you’re given.

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61 thoughts on “Let’s Talk; Numbers

  1. It’s so true that the numbers can be addictive. I try my hardest to use them as a way to see which posts have been more successful so that I know my readers want to see more like that. But I won’t lie sometimes I just like to see them go up and up and up…….and that’s just too stressful. Great post.

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  2. Stats can be so hard to break free from. They’re equally important and not, but they can be so dangerous on the mental aspect. It’s hard to remember that success and importance don’t always come from the numbers. Really great post.

    Alex| californiapollution.com

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  3. I got like this for a while and boy was it exhausting. I was obsessing over my numbers constantly and it made me feel shit when I wouldn’t hit my goals or get enough comments or views. I then hit a bit of a wall with my blog and just didn’t want to upload because of it and had to have a week off to just sit back and re-evaluate what the hell I was doing. I now try to barely check my views and get really pleased when I have an unexpected good day! It’s so much better to focus on your content than anything else. Consistency is good but also like you said, you have other responsibilities so if you have to miss a post or two, don’t punish yourself. You’re only human!
    Alice Xx

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