Revolution Conceal & Define Foundation Review

I’ve been trying to keep away from reading reviews on the new foundation by Revolution. I watched Sophdoesnails Youtube review and then purchased it on a whim. I’ve been super excited to try this and didn’t want people’s negative reviews to give me different expectations. Needless to say my expectations of this are high.

First off, this foundation costs £9, is in frosted glass packaging and the applicator is a big doe foot applicator- a bigger version of the concealer one! I got the shade F6 which suits me perfectly, more so than any other foundation i’ve tried.


When it came to applying this I wasn’t too sure how. I dipped into the foundation and just spread it onto my face although I wasn’t too sure how much to use. That’s always the worst thing about trying new foundations when you don’t know how much to apply because too little will make it patchy and too much will be a disaster. After applying the right amount I blended it out with a Real Techniques brush like I always do and then go over with a beauty blender to make sure it looks as flawless as it can. The first thing I noticed with my brush was that it didn’t blend as nicely as other foundations but that was easily fixed when I went over it with the beauty blender.


Most of the time when trying new foundations i’ll either absolutely love it or hate it straight away but with this I was a bit undecided. Looking at it properly made me notice that all of my dry patches of skin (which is pretty much all my nose and forehead at the moment) looked really cakey and horrible and it made me feel a bit self-conscious. It didn’t look too bad on my cheeks and anywhere that wasn’t dry. After about 10 minutes it felt quite uncomfortable on my skin and I didn’t wanna sit with it on my face so I took it off.

I think if my skin wasn’t so dry it could have the possibility of working really well for me because the coverage is nice and the shade is perfect but it seems like a shame that it doesn’t work for me right now. I will 100% try this again when my skin isn’t so dry but not every foundation will work for every skin type as disappointing as it is. However this might work better with a primer if your skin is dry and this isn’t a reflection of the concealer because i love that! If you have dry skin and you’ve tried this i’d love to hear your thoughts!


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22 thoughts on “Revolution Conceal & Define Foundation Review

  1. Thanks for the review. I’m unsure about it as I have dry skin too! I just recently bought their concealer and that is great but don’t think I’d get away with an all over foundation if the consistency is the same. Over from xx

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  2. First of all Ellie, you’re smashing it with your Blog at the moment and I’m so proud of you! I remember reading your blog when you started and now you’re getting sponsored posts and honestly, you inspire me to try harder and put more effort into my blog.

    I saw the image of this on your IG earlier and I can’t wait to try this foundation out myself, it’s sold out all around me.Such a shame that this product didn’t work out too well for you! x

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  3. It’s such a shame it didn’t work for you because it’s one of my new favourite foundations! I hope you manage to get better results next time you try it lovely!

    Jess //

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  4. I knew that this foundation had been released and I’ve been thinking about picking it up. I use the concealer and I like it! However, I have really really oily skin so this foundation may work a bit better for me than it did for you.

    Thanks for sharing! x


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  5. It’s a shame that the foundation didn’t work too well for you Ellie, but it’s great to know how it works on different skin types. I always love reading your posts as you are so honest and helpful. Your photography is always gorgeous too. Thank you for sharing ❤ xx

    Bexa |

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  6. Great review! I have that issue sometimes with foundations as it clings to the dry areas! I haven’t tried this foundation yet but I really want to give it a go as I’ve heard good things xx

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  7. I’m so unsure whether I should buy this foundation or not!!! I like the concealer from this range but I do find that it can go into my fine lines so I’m on the fence! Xxx

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  8. I’ve just recently purchased this and am hoping it works for me, I’ve got small patches of dry skin but I’m hoping if I use a face scrub and then moisturise before applying it might work for me. Hopefully, you can find a way to make it it work for you!

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