Teeth & Braces Chat!*

The topic of teeth is a bit of a weird one for a beauty and lifestyle blog, right? My teeth never used to be important, i’d just give them a brush twice a day and that was that until I got my braces. On an exciting note though, this post is sponsored by Panasonic to bring to you the Oral Irrigator by Panasonic which you can read more about further down the post.


I got braces in January of 2018 and I remember when I was having them put on, the dentist was telling me all the things I couldn’t eat and drink. Fizzy drinks, popcorn, nuts, sweets, carrots… the list goes on. I’m not a particularly fussy eater but when the dentist was basically listing the only foods I eat I was a bit worried. Of course I adhered to the list within the first 2 weeks of having my braces on but then I decided to just eat whatever I wanted. I found that I was losing weight sticking to soft foods and soups so I went back to eating what I would normally eat without braces. Of course I was cautious with harder foods but once your braces have settled and you no longer worry that you’re going to snap them, then it just becomes natural again. I haven’t tried biting into an apple (and I probably won’t ever try it) and I’m too scared to have chewing gum but most things I eat now.

This leads onto caring for your braces, as well as your teeth. My dentist recommended brushing twice a day for 3 minutes and although I stuck to brushing twice a day it’s probably not 3 minutes… Dental wax also helped with the rubbing of my gums at the start but now I don’t need it but always have it just in case. I’m worried that i’ve been drinking too many fizzy drinks but when I do I make sure I give an extra good brush and if I can, when I feel I have something stuck in my teeth I give them a brush even if it’s in the middle of the day.


For the upmost part of having braces you get used to them being there and it doesn’t feel unnatural but getting food stuck in them is the most frustrating thing. Luckily for anyone with braces the oral irrigator by Panasonic that I mentioned would be amazing to making sure your teeth are as clean as possible when you have braces. Although I do brush my teeth as often as recommend I find that sometimes they don’t feel as clean as they could be. With the oral irrigator’s 2 modes (jet mode & air jet mode) it removes food residue from your teeth by spraying pressured water and gets right into the gaps of your teeth that toothbrushes can’t. It’s rechargeable, handy and the perfect companion for extra clean teeth. You don’t just have to be a braces wearer, this is perfect for anyone! You can find more information about it here.

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*This blog post is sponsored by Panasonic, however all opinions are my own and are in no way biased*

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20 thoughts on “Teeth & Braces Chat!*

  1. This is a very interesting read! I had braces a few years ago and I read you were nervous about apples and chewing gum so thought I would share with you some advice. Firstly, with the apples I highly recommend cutting it into slices as it’s less painful to eat and doesn’t get stuck in your braces as much. With chewing gum I highly recommend not having it for the duration of your braces as they can get stuck to your braces easily.

    With the fizzy drinks, switch to diet or zero if you haven’t yet. It won’t stain your teeth as bad so you don’t worry as much.

    Honestly found this post a very interesting read! ❤️

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  2. I’ve always wanted braces as my front two teeth overlap and it’s something I am so self conscious about but I don’t think I’ll ever end up getting them now! My boyfriend says its one of his favourite things about me and it makes me unique, bless hahaha. I can imagine having braces can feel so weird at first and be so awkward to deal with!
    Alice Xx

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  3. This sounds great! I’ve never had braces but I think one of those would be great for me. I don’t really have any gaps between my teeth. My dentist said my mouth is too small to house the correct number of teeth an adult should have, which I actually found hilarious. But that means I don’t have room to floss in between so this would be great for someone like me! x


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  4. Best of luck with your braces! How long have you left? I got my own braces out only a few months ago, and I swear down I couldn’t be happier with how my teeth turned out- the transformation is unbelievable! I found a great thing too for cleaning braces was teepees or interdentals! I still use them the odd time x

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  5. wow this took me down memory lane, i had braces probably closer to 10 years ago and i instantly felt the poking of a wire when you mentioned the dental wax! lol i have a permanent bottom retainer so i’m also still a little worried about biting into an apple but 10 years later and still no problem. this is a great post! xx

    mich // simplymich.com

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  6. I was meant to have braces when I was younger but never went through with it in the end (I get panic attacks when I have to go to the dentist usually so couldn’t cope) I’m a super fussy eater as it is so it’s probably a good job I never had them else I’d have hardly ever been able to eat anything! Although it’s different to your usual posts I enjoyed reading this

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com

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  7. I can relate to this post so much!! I think I was really careful with what foods I could eat for the first two weeks after I got braces and then after that I cautiously went back to all the foods I’d been eating before. I’ll probably never try biting into an apple either!! How long do you have to have braces on for? Xx

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