How To Keep Your Room Tidy!

No, this post isn’t going to be 4 tips that say tidy up after yourself because how self-explanatory is that? Very.

I’m the type of person to tidy up their room so it’s immaculate and then within a few days I can’t see the floor anymore. All I do is sleep in there so how does it ever get so messy? I thought that i’d compile a few easy tips in which I do (and probably should start doing more) to keep my room clutter free. If you’re anything like me then having a really messy room can really deflate your mood so it’s important to keep your sleeping space tidy and mess free.

Laundry basket; I don’t know how many of you have laundry baskets in your room but I don’t. If i’ve showered in the morning and change in my pjs right before I go to bed then the clothes i’ve worn get thrown on the floor until I can be bothered to take them to the downstairs wash basket- sometimes it’s taken me a week. To save the clutter of clothes invest in a laundry basket. However, if you don’t have the room like me then why not just use a tote bag. I have a few tote bags and find it super easy to hang on the back of my door, put in any washing and take it down in the mornings. It saves you piling up dirty washing and then having no clothes to wear at the end of the week and saves your room from having clothes everywhere.

Keep a duster in your room; My room doesn’t necessarily get really dusty but the dust does build up and taking the time to polish all of the surfaces takes ages and is a chore. Recently I decided to keep a little duster in my room and just go over any shelves or tabletops that have collected dust and it instantly refreshes the room. Obviously nothing is as great as a freshly polished room but if you’re minimising the dust your room will seem a lot cleaner in that sense.


Buy cute homeware/ornaments; I’m really happy and pleased with cute ornaments I have in my room like my Pusheen money box, pop vinyls and my nail varnish stand. I feel like if you’re happy with how your room is then it just helps a little bit more to make sure you are keeping it clean and tidy so that it always looks nice and all of your pretty homeware is on display and not hidden behind a load of mess. A new addition to my room is the most adorable cushion i’ve ever seen from She In The HomeTheir sweet dreams cloud cushion which you can buy here is a really cute, hugable cushion which lives on top of my bed and actually gives me motivation to make my bed in the mornings, something I’ve never done. Rebecca, the owner of the shop, actually runs a blog called She In the Know and her shop is an extension from her blog. She was so lovely and i’m so excited we got to collab on this post. Please take time to go and check out her shop and support a fellow blogger. If you do want 10% off use the code ‘thediaryofellie’ at checkout!


Are you a messy bedroom person or a tidy bedroom person and what at your secret to keeping it clean?


*Items in the this blog post were gifted by She In The Home, however all opinions are my own and are in no way biased*

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15 thoughts on “How To Keep Your Room Tidy!

  1. glowsteady says:

    That cloud cushion is so cute! My bedroom is so so so tidy. I get really annoyed with myself is something out of place then go on a session tidying things that didn’t even need tidying to begin with. I don’t know what I’d do without a laundry basket in my room! It would drive me mad. The tote is a great idea if you’re short on space though x


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