My Dream Wedding*

To be quite honest i’m not one of those girls who dream about their weddings from a young age. I just don’t think it’d ever want a huge wedding because that’s really not me. However, I do sometimes think about where i’d like to get married. My parents got married at a registry office and i’ve never liked the idea of a church wedding because i’m not religious. That leaves other alternatives like beaches, historic buildings like stunning Notley Abbey in Buckinghamshire or maybe even a cruise ship. I don’t want to get married for ages and thinking about my future worries me so I decided to take to twitter to ask my followers their idea of an ideal wedding.

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Obviously weddings are super personal to each individual but I think that someones dream wedding reflects who they are as a person, I love Beth’s ideal wedding because it sounds cosy, cute and not pressurised like a massive white wedding might. Abigail’s is really sentimental to her family history which I think it’s such a lovely touch and Beka’s is so nice in including the guests rather than it being somewhat of a ‘watch us get married’. Simone looks like she’s already planning her big day but I think the idea of animals isn’t for me but it sounds really cute. A flowery lace dress sounds lovely because I really would hate to wear a big, puffy dress!

Naturally i’m quite excited for my wedding, whenever it might happen, but at the same time I really hate being the centre of attention that I think having to walk down the aisle would make me so uncomfortable and anxious. Only time will tell but i’d love to have a day where I felt as comfortable as possible and like most people said, have few quests. Although, i’ve never been to a wedding!

I think i’ll really enjoy planning my own wedding because I can imagine the amount of hours per day i’d spend on pinterest and the wedding dress try ons would be so much fun. I’d spend my days pinning hairstyles, nail designs, dress styles, table decorations and all the little bits that make my big day aesthetically pleasing for all the photos. I’d love to be my own photographer too for capturing pictures of everyone else and i’d hire a photographer for photos of me and my husband and i’d frame them all around our home.

In terms of when i’d love to be married by? I don’t have a clue. I think i’d love to be married by the age of 30 but time goes so fast that it could be before then or even after, either way I don’t mind. All I want is to get married to the love of my life and have an amazing special day. When would you like to get married by? Where do you wanna get married? Let me know about your dream wedding below because i’d love to know and we can chat about it in the comments!


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18 thoughts on “My Dream Wedding*

  1. I can relate to a lot of this. I recently got married and like you, is not spent my entire life planning a dream day.

    ‪Would love you to check out my blog & latest post 💗💗‬

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  2. This was such a cool post to read I loved reading everybody’s dream wedding ideas! Obviously I’d love to have some kind of Disney theme for my wedding but that would take a lot of persuading of my Fiancé! I’d love to get married abroad on a beach I think it would be amazing and the pictures would be stunning but I worry about how hot it would be in a wedding dress!

    Jess //

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  3. I loved reading this post because I love talking about all things weddings! I would love to have my close family and friends there – not masses of people! In terms of venues, maybe a stately home or a barn, or maybe even a castle! I’d love a lace dress with a long train! As I would also spend hours on pinterest looking at ideas!! xx

    Alex –

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  4. This was such a fun post to read and a really good idea to include other peoples dream weddings. I sometimes will think about it and I think I will only want close friends and family. I think that it would be important to me to celebrate the day with people that truly care about me and my fiancé.

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  5. Oh I loved reading this!! I went to my first wedding yesterday, well kind of. I was working for a wedding, waiting tables, clearing etc. haha! I would hate a big wedding. I would not have it in a church. I would prefer to go somewhere tropical, have a really small wedding, then spend most the money on a honeymoon and travelling. The marriage part doesn’t appeal to me, I just want to be happy and spend the rest of my life with one person. It sounds like we have quite similar ideas! Loved this post Ellie!! xx

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  6. I think a repurposed barn is a fun idea, I’ve never thought of that! I agree about having a smaller, more personal wedding. I think it would make it more special!

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  7. This is such a lovely post! Funny how everyone said about a converted barn idea 😂 Honestly I can’t wait to plan a wedding and get wedding planners and go to dress fittings. Whenever I’ve been a bridesmaids it’s always been fun but so nerve wracking walking down the aisle so I’m gonna dread when it’s my day

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  8. Awww, thank you for the feature, Ellie 🧡 I feel the same about not wanting to be the centre of attention. I’d be so anxious, too, and that’s why I feel that something that is chilled and isn’t purely bride/groom focused would not only be a lovely atmosphere, but would make me feel more comfortable, too! I’m not sure when I’ll get married either, but I know for sure that my Pinterest game will increase by 500% the day after I get engaged 😂

    Beka |

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  9. I loved reading everyone’s tweets! I’ve never even thought of a barn wedding but thinking about it now with all the fairy lights would be super cosy and romantic. A destination wedding would be amazing too! I’ve not even been proposed to yet but a girl can dream right, he he! Lovely post Ellie ❤ xx

    Bexa |

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