Slaying Summer with Jumpsuits|Boohoo

Summer is for wearing dresses and cute skirts right? Not when the weather is temperamental like every summer in the UK! It’s so hard to dress for the weather so in today’s post i’ve teamed up with Boohoo to show you how i’m styling and slaying jumpsuits this summer!

The jumpsuit I chose was the Paris Hilton Diamante Buckle Jumpsuit in a size 6. The legs of it are intended to be quite a skinny fit and surprisingly aren’t too long. I’m just a bit over 5ft and really struggle to fit into anything like jumpsuits if they aren’t petite but the legs on this weren’t overly long which was nice. It zips up at the back so there’s no need to go braless if you don’t want to and it sits so nicely on my chest area.


In terms of the quality, for £22 this felt really nice. It’s not see-through at all and genuinely feels like a good quality material. The design takes me back to the noughties which is the aim of the Paris Hilton collab with Boohoo. It’s a really simple piece but easily looks super dressed up.

In terms of how I styled this I put on a cotton black bralette from Urban Outfitters underneath as a bra. This meant that if the straps were to move above or ride up the black bralette would look as though it was part of the jumpsuit. I also decided a chunky pair of open-toe heels from Primark were perfect with this paired with a gold watch and a little silver bangle.


The outfit works so nicely in summer and I think it’s time we start wearing jumpsuits more!


*The jumpsuit featured in this blog post was kindly gifted from Boohoo, however all opinions are my own and are in no way biased*

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19 thoughts on “Slaying Summer with Jumpsuits|Boohoo

  1. Love this outfit on you so much! Jumpsuits are my favourite thing to wear when I’m going out as they’re usually super comfy!

    Jess //

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