Pusheen Box; Summer Review!

Last year I discovered Pusheen themed subscription boxes. I was amazed and extremely happy it existed… until I saw the price. I love the idea of subscription boxes and I love them even more if they’re themed to things I love and i’m sure you all know my love for Pusheen is huge!


With shipping, it worked out about $68.90 which is around £50. Yes I know I could’ve had about 5 months worth of Birchbox for that or gone to Claire’s and bought Pusheen merch for the same price but the novelty of Pusheen themed items arriving in the post excited me so much that I ordered the Summer box at the end of May. For the summer box they ship mid-July and take a while to arrive because it comes from America. I was also hit with a £15 customs charge which I wasn’t expecting.

The thing that sold me the most is the fact that all of the items add up to around $100 and they’re all exclusive and you can’t buy them anywhere else! The box also comes with Pusheen’s face on it.

The summer box was filled with 7 exclusive products, all themed around summer. The first 2 were paper straws with cute Pusheen designs on and a water bottle. Perfect for summer and even more perfect for helping save the planet.


There was also a Pusheen plush in a rubber ring (but totally forgot to show that, my bad) and a really handy USB fan which is a lot more powerful than I thought!


As well as that there’s also the cutest drink float and a vinyl figure of Pusheen as a surfer which has to be the cutest.



The final 2 things are a tank top of Pusheen and friends on the beach and then unicorn Pusheen as a pot which you can use as a teapot, plant pot or just general pot to put bits and bobs in which I think is super good for the multipurpose use of it.


I am really happy with the contents of the box and I do love the fact it’s all exclusive and you can’t buy it anywhere else. The price is a little extreme but I think as a little present to treat yourself once a year it isn’t too bad! If you do buy it as a one time purchase make sure you remember to cancel your subscription!


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12 thoughts on “Pusheen Box; Summer Review!

  1. Wow, that is quite expensive but that’s really interesting that you aren’t able to purchase the products anywhere else. The drink floatie & water bottle are the cutest. 😍

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  2. ELLIE !!!!!!!!!
    I’m wearing my Pusheen top as I read/write this 😂 I didn’t even realise you could get Pusheen subscription boxes, but honestly, it doesn’t surprise me either. I’m so jealous 😍 that little surfer guy and the teapot have to be my favs, but everything is just so cool and now I want it all 🤦‍♀️

    Beka | http://www.bekadaisies.com

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