Importance Of An Office Space

Although i’m not a full-time blogger I have serious envy for people who have super cute office rooms in their houses where they blog. Cute inspirational quotes, fake plants- the perfect place to get some writing done. I don’t have an office and I have the smallest room in the house so finding somewhere to actually sit down and blog is hard.

I decided to take action, clear stuff out of my room and turn my dressing table (which I hardly use anyway) into a mini office space. I bought a laptop stand* and a wireless mouse* in the hopes that it’d make me feel as though I had a dedicated area to blog. This also allowed me to take a few hours out of my day to do dedicated blogging work rather than just doing it whenever I feel like it sat in front of the TV on the sofa. The desk itself is from Argos!


To the side of the Macbook I have a little watermelon dish from Tiger with stuff like my SD cards, memory sticks, pens, my wireless shutter button and a few other odd things. I also have a clapperboard with highlighter pens inside and my little bunny pot with cotton pads in!


Behind my Macbook there’s a big mirror because like I mentioned it was supposed to be a dressing table! On the mirror I have some string and pegs with some pictures and a postcard my friend Simone sent me for positivity.  I then have a new addition to my room, a mini whiteboard, to just jot down things I need to do but might forget!


Finally on the right side of the desk I have my mouse, irn bru, a pot of pens, my dedicated writing space and some homey bits. You can actually see more of what the desk looks like by reading Favourite parts of my Bedroom!

blogging desk

I asked on Twitter in a poll if people think having an office type space to blog helps with their motivation and i’m not surprised by the result!

Untitled-Project (2)

Katie on Twitter said I have a little desk in my room where I do all my blogging stuff and it really helps. It’s decorated all cute and whenever I sit there my productivity is amazing.

 Mya said work in a space that inspires you! decorations, quotes, pictures, whatever it is.

What do you think about having a dedicated office space for blogging? Is it a good idea?


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31 thoughts on “Importance Of An Office Space

  1. Coffeeeandcream says:

    I’m a new blogger so don’t have a dedicated space yet, but the people that do’s look so cute! I’m getting my room redone soon so might make my desk dedicated to it. I would really love if you checked out my blog if you can! xo

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Alice says:

    I recently reorganized my little office corner and it’s been great in boosting my productivity. I love working on the couch, but find it so much easier to get distracted when I’m lounging around. Having a dedicated office space to work in always makes me buckle down and get things done. Thanks for sharing about your space – it looks lovely!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hunida says:

    The watermelon dish & bunny pot are too adorable! I totally think it’s important to have a designated blogging spot. Yours is so nice! 💟 The white board is a nice touch too! & I love how you added commentary from your Twitter followers!


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