Boyfriend guesses prices of Beauty products #2

Nothing is more fun to making boys guess the prices of products that they have no idea about. Last year I got my boyfriend to guess the prices of a few beauty products here and he didn’t do so well. A few shopping trips later and I thought why not see if he’s learnt anything from them and test his knowledge now!

For the first product he guessed was The Body Shop blueberry body butter priced at £15. He actually guessed £6.99 which is kind of way off the mark! The scent of this is heavenly and you can’t go wrong with a Body Shop body butter even if they do break the bank a little bit.


I then made him guess the price of another Body Shop product and this time it was the pink grapefruit scented hand-cream. I love these to death and have about 5 in different scents. He actually guessed £5 which is how much it is! I’m pretty he was there when I bought this so it was either a lucky guess or he remembered!


My favourite brush for highlighter at the minute is the Superdrug own brand fantasy fan brush priced at £4.99. It works lovely for glitter based highlighters and is nicely priced too. Matthew guessed £1.99- apparently it looks cheap?


Another Body Shop product is the quad eyeshadow palette with 4 individual shades in there. You can find out the shade names where I featured them in my May Collective HaulFor the palette and the individual shades, it adds up to £23- £5 for each shade and £3 for the actual palette. Matt thought it was £14 together and to be honest I don’t think they’re worth £5 each!


NYX soft matte lip cream costs £6 and my boyfriend guessed £4.99 which isn’t too bad of a guess! The one I have is quite old now so I think it’s time to get a new one.


The final product is the Soap&Glory flake away. This smells amazing and it’s a bargain for the price of £8 and how much you get. Matthew guessed £6.99 which again isn’t that far off.


I’m not as shocked at his guesses compared to last time but some were still quite far off! Thank you to Matthew for kindly getting involved with this!


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13 thoughts on “Boyfriend guesses prices of Beauty products #2

  1. Fifi says:

    This post was so cute! You’d be surprised at how much makeup costs. I myself will spend 25 dollars on a tiny little liquid eyeliner pen and it’s totally normal to me, but to people who don’t wear makeup, they think it’s a complete waste! If I weren’t a makeup wearer I’d probably be guessing everything wrong haha.


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