Things I’d Change About Prom*

Prom is meant to be the best night of your life, right? Having laughs and reminiscing on memories and dancing into the evening. I hated my prom. My dress didn’t suit me, I felt awkward and I kind of hated most people in my year anyway.

It’s quite sad that I didn’t enjoy prom because I was looking forward to it for ages. I knew how I wanted my hair and I knew I was going to wear Mac foundation but when the evening came I dreaded going. I didn’t want to dance with people I didn’t like I felt extremely out of place, so here are a few things i’d change about prom.

Choose a different dress; First of all, the dress wasn’t that bad. I loved the colour but it really didn’t suit my body type. It had pretty gems on the chest area but was far too big. I feel like the floor length really drowned me but because I didn’t have a clue about fashion sense or body types I went with whatever looked pretty. It was from the brand Chi Chi London and I ended up getting it for £19 in the Asos sale! If I were going to prom now, i’d do a lot more research into what would look best on me. Lucky for you guys there’s a specific website to find information on prom dresses for your body type. It’s so helpful and I wish I’d have had this back in 2015.


Socialise More; In high school I talked to my friends only so when it came to prom and they were all talking to other people I was just sat on my phone. It’s easy to say now that I should’ve talked to more people but at the time it was difficult. I’m not great in social situations anyway so in a room full of people I hardly spoke to in 5 years was so daunting. With any kind of social situation you have to make the most of it and just go for it, even if it does make you feel extremely anxious.

Hair style & Makeup choices; I spent hours on Pinterest looking for hairstyles and when I found the perfect one I got booked into the hairdressers. I came out wanting to cry. I had gorgeous floral design bobby pins which were pretty but the hair was just way too curly. I wanted looser curls but they were so tight and there were so many of them I feel like it ruined my look. I did my own makeup using Mac and Urban Decay and I kept messing up my eyeshadow so in the end I went for a natural look. I really wanted my makeup professionally done but I was too anxious for it and my Mom said no.

Ultimately it all comes down to my confidence but I feel like if I had more confidence in my dress and my overall look then i’d have just felt a lot happier! What was your prom like/Are you excited for prom?


*This blog post is sponsored by PromDressFinder, however all opinions are my own and are in no way biased*

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27 thoughts on “Things I’d Change About Prom*

  1. My prom experience was so similar and I felt so let down by the whole night! I didn’t like my hair either and just felt out of place the entire time.

    My biggest tip would just be to have fun with your friends – don’t set your exceptions to high, and just treat it like any other night hanging out with the people you love!

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  2. Great post!!

    I never had a prom, I don’t think it’s because I’m from the UK because lots of schools here do have proms, but because I was at an all girls school, we didn’t have a prom but I’m okay with that.

    I think your post is great for other people the same age as you with similar experiences 💗

    I’d love so much for any feedback on my posts? 😘😘😘

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  3. My first prom at the end of Year 11, I disliked my dress and my makeup! I couldn’t find a dress so I bought one that fitted me okay just so I actually had a dress, but I didn’t like it! I wish I’d done more with my hair as well!
    My Leavers Ball did actually go better thankfully!
    I’m sorry that you didn’t have a good prom experience!
    Was a very interesting blog post to read though, so thank you for sharing!

    Claire xxx

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  4. I didn’t actually go to my prom as I had just moved school and didn’t really know many people. I bought a dress I didn’t feel comfortable in so I am kinda glad I didn’t go as I know it would have been a bad experience. I will take these tips on board for my sixth form prom though!! X

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  5. I look back on my dress choice and want to cry and I also wish I’d gotten my makeup done properly but I actually had a brilliant night at prom! I wore heels and took them off after like an hour and went barefoot all evening hahaha
    Alice Xx

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  6. I remember having a lovely time with my friends at prom but I wish I was more confident with myself. I liked the colour of my dress but I was so shy and unconfident that I was nervous to try most things and went with a more safer option. I wish there was a website like the one you linked when I went to prom! I just straightened my hair too and did my natural look, but looking back – I’d love to have it done more professionally too. I also hate talking in front of a large group of people – it really puts me on edge and I feel so uncomfortable.


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  7. I am so excited for my prom. I’m currently moving into year 10 so I’m a year away from prom, but I’m hyped for my prom as I’ll be with all my loved friends and a possible date. It’s a shame that your prom wasn’t fun for you. I had a prom in year 8 as we were leaving for high and that was ever so fun x

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  8. I didn’t go to my year 11 prom and we didn’t get one at the end of college (idk if it’s a popular thing but I’ve seen a lot have a “formal” type thing!). I didn’t go because my anxiety was super super bad and I didn’t think I could have dealt with everyone looking at me when you arrive?! So a thing I’d change would be to actually turn up hahah! xx

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  9. I loved the dressing up and getting ready for prom! It’s a shame you didn’t enjoy yourself but I will say the girls in my year that did their own makeup were waaay happier than having it professionally done! I just wish I’d taken more pictures with people on the night.

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  10. I can hardly remember my prom now (I feel like a grandma) but the only thing I really recall is how much I hated my dress! I tried on hundreds (literally) and didn’t like any of them so ended up settling for one that I thought was just ok. I spent half of my day in the hairdressers, it did look great though x


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  11. I wish I had spent longer looking for a dress. I hate clothes shopping at the best of times, but the shop I first went to was full of way too many people, and it made me feel really anxious and not want to be trying on dresses in front of all these strangers. When I went to another shop I literally chose the second dress I tried on, I was just fed up and was literally prepared to take it in the sample colour that really didn’t suit my skin tone (I was able to change its colour). Whilst I’m happy with what I wore, I just wish I’d had the experience of trying on more dresses and not giving up
    Also, wish I’d taken socks. My heels were off within 30 minutes of arriving and the floor was really dirty!

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  12. This was really interesting to read Ellie, as I never actually went to my prom. My friends back then & I had our own prom with less teachers and more alcohol 😂. Well it wasn’t really a prom at all actually, more a party and I vaguely remember it was fun. I think your prom dress looks nice though, the colour is really pretty! 💖 xx

    Bexa |

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  13. Genuinely really didn’t like my prom that much at all. I was there with my best group of friends and then when all the people we didn’t like left, (most of the year) then we were able to relax and do what we liked but it was still pretty rubbish. I loved my dress, I just wish I made more of an effort with my makeup!

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  14. So sad to hear that you didn’t enjoy your prom! 😦 Mine was last year – it’s crazy how quick time goes!! I have to admit, I think the whole thing is very hyped up and then it’s over before you know it! I loved my dress but I wish I’d fake tanned and wore some shoes that I wasn’t going to take off after 10 minutes (or at least put some socks in my bag!!). xx

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