I Tested out XO Balm!

Over the past few weeks i’ve been trying out an amazing product; XO Balm. It’s a multipurpose balm targeting dry and sensitive skin which you can use on your lips, hands, face and all over your body. For someone who suffers from dry & sensitive skin it was a good chance to try out natural products that aren’t full of steroids prescribed from the doctor. You can buy it from Amazon*.


The company pride themselves on being cruelty free as well as using 100% natural ingredients (think coconut oil & beeswax) and I love the fact that the product comes in such minimal packaging, all recyclable. The tin itself looks like a little button and has a mirror on the inside, perfect to reuse when you’ve finished the product. An added bonus is the little spatula perfect if you don’t want the balm getting stuck under your nails.


After coming off holiday last month, my legs have really suffered with dryness and a simple body butter just didn’t cut it. When I first applied this I noticed it wasn’t sticky or overly creamy like a lot of balms tend to be. A little went a long way and I only needed around 3 scoops for one leg and it sunk in so nicely. It definitely gave them the hydration they needed and I genuinely think this is perfect for someone who can’t even use sensitive skin specific products from the drug store because they irritate my skin.


I’ve been using this a few times each week and i’ve seen such a nice improvement in the smoothness of my legs and how little they’ve been feeling dry. I think this will be so perfect for my dry lips when winter comes and i’m excited to properly work this into my skincare routine! What are your go to saviours for dry skin?


*Items featured in this blog post were kindly gifted from XO Balm, however all opinions are my own and are in no way biased*

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17 thoughts on “I Tested out XO Balm!

  1. Whaaaat this sounds amazing! I have suffered with eczema my entire life and steroids were and still are the only thing that helped it but they’re awful for you long term. All the creams etc I’ve tried have made it worse, more itchy or I’ve become allergic to. I really want to try this out now!
    Alice Xx

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    1. I have patches of eczema on my body and like i said the only thing that clears them is steroid creams which you’re only supposed to use for like a week at one time but when i do that it just comes back its ridiculous, but honestly this is such a nice product for the dry skin and so relieving! x


      1. Yeah I experienced the same when I was using them! I’ve been on oral steroids for over a year for my chronic illness and my eczema has been non-existent until it flared up due to the heat a few weeks back but it’s been bliss living without it haha! Eczema is the worst X


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