The Kissing Booth; Book vs Movie?

I love to read… when I get the chance. My favourite thing to do before going on holiday is to go to the library or look on Amazon for books. I saw The Kissing Booth trailer for the movie on Netflix but had no clue it was actually a book- more inspiring that it was actually a Wattpad story written by 15 year old Beth Reekles. I ordered the book off Amazon.

I could’ve potentially read the book in a day but I realised halfway through I was extremely hooked on the characters and their story that I wanted it to never end, so I managed to stretch it over 3 days. The book has around 450 pages, typically longer than usual YA books that I read but it honestly didn’t feel long and definitely wasn’t dragged out.

In terms of the plot, it focuses on Elle Evans who ends up having a secret relationship with her best friends brother and all of the drama that follows that. It’s full of twists, emotions, arguments and a lot of fights from Noah Flynn. It sounds a lot like a cliche book about falling for someone you shouldn’t, but those are my favourite!

For a book to emotionally grip you and make your feel all of the emotions for the characters is seriously amazing and I was so invested in this book. It was well written and something I really recommend reading, even if you have already seen the movie.


In terms of the movie, it was great. It made me cry and feel all the feels as any romance movie would! In terms of a book-movie adaption it was probably the best i’ve seen. Of course not everything is going to be the same but as an overall it was done so well. The casting choices fitted the characters so well and I really enjoyed the movie. As I was watching this on the airplane, I wrote down some notes as to things I liked and things I didn’t, compared to the book.

The first thing I picked up on was the actual kissing booth was played out differently. In the book, Elle knows she has to kiss Noah, whereas in the movie she was blind-folded. The fact that when Elle wakes up hungover in Noah’s bed and doesn’t make superman boxer jokes was a bit of a let down (although this was shown in the credits) and on prom night, in the book Elle went with Noah, not with Charlotte and Lee. However, I loved the bit at the costume party when Noah and Lee swithcheroo, it was cute and emotional.

I think when you read a book first and then watch the movie you have all of these visions already and you want it to be a certain way and that’s why you should always go in with an open mind. I definitely wasn’t disappointed at the movie and it’s up there with my top 3 favourite films! As for the book, that’s now my favourite book I’ve ever read. I’m super sad that the book and movie are over for me but lets be honest, i’ll probably re-read and rewatch a thousand times!


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15 thoughts on “The Kissing Booth; Book vs Movie?

  1. I watched the movie the other week on Netflix! It seemed just like your typical high school romance, like you said, which is my favourite type of movie to watch! I haven’t read the book though, I remember being on Wattpad and there was such a hype over it, so I think I’m definitely gonna have to track it down! Great post! x

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