Holiday Reading List; Review

You can’t go on holiday without a few good books to read, right? Well when I went to Gran Canaria I took a few books with me to read and decided to give them a little book review. I don’t tend to write reviews for books so please excuse me if I don’t review it conventionally!

The first book, kindly gifted to be my Olga Gibbs, is called Heavenward. It’s about fantasy creatures, mystery and all the good stuff you’d find in a young adult fantasy novel. It was such an easy read and one I thoroughly enjoyed. I don’t tend to like fantasy books too much but after reading the Hush,Hush series I don’t tend to mind books with angels in. It was a bit like Twilight but with a much longer female character which gives it such a big strength. It’s usually quite hard to get emotionally attached to characters but I really found myself invested in Ariel’s character, easily being upset when she was! If you’re looking for a YA fantasy book, you can buy it on Amazon. Huge credit to Olga for writing such a gripping book and kindly sending it me for an honest review.


Another book that I read (or tried to) was A Song for Ella Grey written by David Almond which I got from the library. The book focuses on Claire and her best friend Ella who falls in love with a fantasy creature… I think. The book is a lot more involved in fantasy than i’d like but the way it was written was extremely hard to get into. I kept turning pages genuinely confused as to what was happening. The few pages made it seem like Ella and Claire were in a relationship but it premise states they’re best friends. A lot of it didn’t make sense and I could only get to page 50 before I couldn’t read anymore. The overall storyline seems okay but I just could not get into it!


Another book I read was the third and final sequel Always and forever, Lara Jean written by Jenny Han. The first book to this is To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before which is actually coming to Netflix as a Movie in August. Essentially the books follow Lara Jean’s life, from when her love letters that she’d write in secret, are sent out to the people she claims to have loved. There’s twist, turns and a lot of drama. The first 2 books were so amazing and I was so invested in Lara Jean’s life that I waited a year to read the third book because I simply didn’t want it to end.

It was actually quite hard to get into this book, whether it’s because i’d left it for a year or because of the writing style. I didn’t feel as emotionally connected to the characters but that picked up about 1/4 way through. I fell back in love with the characters and the relationships and the ending did not disappoint, at all. Books are always more emotional when you know there aren’t anymore, but the way Jenny Han portrays these characters and makes you so invested in them is amazing. There were a few parts at the end which made me tear up but the ending didn’t disappoint. I was left smiling, feeling nostalgic and emotionally happy and sad all at one. In terms of a book series, this is my new favourite- it used to be Divergent. If you’re looking for a lighthearted romance with added drama and comedy, you’ll 100% love this!


I love to read and i’m so happy i’ve got back into it, I hope you enjoyed reading my reviews and thoughts!


*Some items featured in this blog post were kindly gifted by Olga Gibbs, however all opinions are my own and are in no way biased*

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14 thoughts on “Holiday Reading List; Review

  1. Ooh, Always and forever, Lara Jean sounds amazing! I’m pretty sure I’ve read books by Jenny Han before, and it sounds like something I’d love- definitely gonna try and find the trilogy in my library and add them to my Summer reading list!x

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  2. great post! i loved the hush hush series! i will have to put these on my list to check out the next time i head to the bookstore! i always love finding new book recommendations. great job on your first book review you nailed it (: sending lots of love xxx

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I’m not a lover of fantasy novels at all but I’m so glad you enjoyed the last book in the Jenny Han series as I’ve read them all and loved them too! I read it quite a while ago now though so I can’t actually remember how it ends which sucks but it just means I can read it again! Considering you don’t usually write book reviews this was a great post hun you should do more of them!

    Jess //

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  4. Great post Ellie! I’m impressed you read 3 books on holiday! I usually can just get through 1 if it’s a good one! 😄 I’ve never read a YA fantasy novel before so would love to check Heavenward out sometime as it sounds great! Thanks for sharing 💖 xx

    Bexa |

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  5. Heavenward sounds so good, think I’ll have a look and see if I can get it on my kindle for my holiday next week. I’ve never read the Lara Jean books, I’ve always heard such mixed reviews. Might see if I can get the first from the library to give it a chance and see what I think for myself.xx

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  6. You know what, I never manage to read on holiday unless it’s on the plane. You did well reading three. It’s a shame you had to ditch the second one and it took you so long to get into the third. I think I’d have probably given up by then to be honest. Glad it was worth it in the end though! x


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