#SpendorSave Giffgaff Event!

On Thursday evening I was invited to Giffgaff’s game plan evening, #SpendorSave. The event was essentially to introduce us to Giffgaff’s financial service, Giffgaff Game plan which Charlotte and Steve spoke about to us. It’s a way to help people take control of their money. I like to think that I came away with a little more knowledge on saving my money, I need to be better at it and the event opened my eyes!

The event was held at the Yorks cafe at Ikon in Birmingham and was greeted on arrival with a glass of Prosecco and drink vouchers to use throughout the night. The venue was a small cafe off Broad Street and was such a nice chilled environment, even better that we got to sit outside.IMG_7199IMG_7222

We had such a lovely buffet served by the Cafe of pizza’s, fries, potatoes and salad- it all looked incredible and i’ve never seen so many people at one time taking pictures of food.


After the buffet, the games went down! The event was structured around a board game, called Spend or Save, in which you have to spend your money and invest it wisely- the winner is the one who has the most money at the end. You start out as a 20 year old, aging 5 years every time you go around the board, and carry on until you’re retired.

IMG_7243IMG_7246Around the board there are squares with incoming money or outgoing money as well as question mark squares. These meant you picked up a card which had things on like being scammed by Nigerian Prince and having to pay out or having triplets and becoming bankrupt like I did! You can get married, buy a car, put money into an ISA or buy a house- all with perks which may help you win the game. Me and my friend Simone played the game with the lovely AliceKirsty and Abbey. They were all so nice and welcoming! IMG_7253IMG_7256IMG_7261IMG_7262IMG_7276

Abbey had to leave early and because at this point I became bankrupt, she let me take control of her life and I actually went on to win the whole game out of everyone there which was incredible! I won bottles of Prossecco, one of the board games which i’m so excited to play and an incredible amount of money to donate to charity. I decided my choice of charity would be Diabetes UK to support my friend Simone who has type 1. Everyone also got a goodie bag with a money plant, piggy bank and some other fun stuff!

The evening was SO much fun and i’m so happy I attended, was such a well put together event. A massive thank you to Jennie for inviting me, Giffgaff for the wonderful event and Simone for coming with me. Hopefully there are more events in the future for me!

Here are some more photos from the extremely talented Elouisa that she captured throughout the night.



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46 thoughts on “#SpendorSave Giffgaff Event!

  1. This game looks so cool, I’m glad you had a good time at the event! The food looks so nice too!

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com

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  2. This looks like such a fun event, I’m quite good pals with Alice and she said how much she enjoyed attending and meeting you all! I’d love to give the game a go as it sounds like a right laugh and congratulations on winning! The idea of the prize being a donation to charity is so lovely, I wish they’d do one like this in Bristol!
    Alice Xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Such a cool way to learn more about finances and the like, it’s not exactly exciting stuff so an event like this with games sounds great ☺️


    Liked by 1 person

  4. What a great event! And what a clever game as well! It kind of reminds me of the game Monopoly but probably a bit more realistic. You took some great photos as well!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. It is nice that you got to check out the Giffgaff event! It’s important to have a good financial health and there are some firms that can help you reach your goals. The event sounds pretty cool – big plus that they even have their own board game. Sounds much more exciting than Monopoly. Glad you enjoyed your time there!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

    Liked by 1 person

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