How do you measure success? By the amount of awards you win? Number of views you get?

Following on from my Failure? blog post and how well that went down, I wanted to just have an honest open chat with my readers because I feel like I don’t give myself enough credit for the hard work I put into my blog. Today marks the 1st July and the end of me posting 3 times a week (I did chat about this in the other post but I just wanted to discuss it on a little bit more) and I am so damn proud. It had its ups and down but I succeeded in keeping up 3 times a week. In hindsight I feel like some of the posts were not my best but I think my favourite one was definitely the Blogger Box Swap which was actually my most viewed post for June!

I normally post 2 times a week and never struggle with it because it fits around my college schedule so well. I enjoy it, even when it rarely becomes a struggle. I thought that upping it to 1 more would be just as easy but I was wrong ,nonetheless I got through it and I can say I really did succeed.

Sometimes I forget I haven’t even had this blog a year and i’ve gained 1.1k followers, a hugely supportive Twitter community and bagged myself a few sponsored posts too… which really is amazing. I think as bloggers we put ourselves down a lot because we tend to compare ourselves to bloggers who have a massive following and collaborate with big brands. One day we will get there, we just have to succeed at little goals first.

I’ve also decided to start tracking my monthly figures, in terms of blogging. As much as numbers don’t matter, I think it’s important to keep track to just see how you’re improving. I gained 453 followers on Twitter which i’m super happy about, pretty much equalised my blogging views and gained a whopping 29 Instagram followers…but we don’t talk about Instagram!

In other news college has been the worst experience of my life this year for various reasons but if you read my other post then you’ll know I won an award for the best short film which made me super proud. College really has been so unorganised which then makes you really half-arse it and to have an award to show for it really gives me a sense of pride! However, I’ve handed in all my work and I hopefully won’t have to go back there in September- that means I need to start looking for a job!


This week has been so, so sunny! I’ve loved the heat because it’s got me in the mood for my holiday, i’m going tomorrow and cannot wait to share my travels with you on Twitter and on my blog!


I just want to say thank you again for the constant support I get and i’ll see you Wednesday 11th July to tell you all about my holiday where i’ll be going back to 2 weekly uploads on Wednesday’s and Saturday’s!


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25 thoughts on “Success?

  1. Congratulations on all the success you’ve had! I completely agree that we don’t give ourselves enough credit most the time! I hope you have an amazing holiday you deserve it after all the hard work you’ve done recently!

    Jess //

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  2. Loved the post Ellie!! I think we all deserve more credit than we are given. I may not have done as well as you in the same amount of time, but I am so happy and proud of how far I have come! Congratulations on your blog so far, it is so amazing to see!!! xx

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  3. Congratulations doll!! I think many of us naturally compare ourselves to ‘bigger’ blogs (but remember not everything is always as it seems with them – you do you!!)
    It’s gorgeous to see you giving yourself praise, well done gorgeous!!

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  4. I think those who do not blog really have no idea how much time, effort and creativity goes into it and I’m glad you are taking time to reflect and be proud of the work you have put in. Blogging is also great experience for the future – I think it helps to build discipline, and helps you find out what really makes you passionate! I hope your job search goes well. Lots of good luck for continued success!
    Joan Senio

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  5. Congratulations on your success so far! I think you’re right, people don’t give their selves enough credit for all the hard work they put into things. Great post!
    Oh, and have an amazing holiday!
    Sophie x

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  6. It sounds like you are doing amazing on your blogging journey so far! I have been writing three posts a week for the last few weeks in an attempt to get ahead and have things schedualed during an upcoming holiday and I can say for sure that I much prefer only doing 2 a week haha. One extra post is a lot to add even if it doesn’t sound like it when you think it up.

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  7. Wow, you have really accomplished a lot in just one year of blogging! Even I stick to posting twice a week and have thought about moving to 3 but I think the quality of my posts will definitely suffer if i were to do that!
    Hope you have an amazing holiday lovely! xx

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  8. Lovely post! Congrats on your blog and social media is the devil sometimes
    I think it’s hard not to look at our stats and not feel disappointed. Unless you are in the blogging world, you don’t understand the effort we put in

    Kate xx

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  9. I’ve always felt like success is different for everyone. For me, it’s having long mornings at home with my boyfriend before work, and lovely evenings spent with friends (or having the means to make this happen). For others, it could be any number of things! Congrats on posting so consistently – that seems like a huge success to me!!


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