Optiat|The VIP Pamper Kit

I’ve been on the lookout for eco-friendly skin-care goodies since i’ve been trying to up my game in taking care of my skin! After searching through the web I found a brand called Optiat who are a nature friendly company. I contacted them and the lovely co-founder, Anna, kindly send me a VIP Pamper kit to try out which was super exciting.

The actual VIP Pamper Kit is priced at £4.99 and includes a range of their face masks and coffee scrubs, all in cute mini packaging.


The face-masks included a Nourishing & Hydrating mash and Purifying & Exfoliating mask. There was also a Men’s Exfoliating mask but I got my brother to try this and he said his skin had never felt so fresh!

In terms of how you apply these, inside the packet is powder which you mix with warm water to make a paste to then massage onto your face. It’s not too thick and after 10 minutes your skin feels amazing. I tried out the Nourishing & hydrating mask and I was so happy with how my skin felt. I tend to suffer with dry/tight/sensitive skin on my face so my face usually feels quite dry and dehydrated but this mask definitely relieved the tightness and just felt so hydrating to my skin. I’m saving the other face-masks for a pamper night with my Mom before we go on holiday!IMG_6833

The other type of product in the box was coffee scrubs. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t have a clue how to apply these so I was thankful of the directions on the packet- all you do is rub it on damp skin!


The scrubs come in a range of different scents for different occasions such as for after the gym or before bed. In the VIP Pamper Kit you get all of the range in little packets but you can shop the full size range here. I decided to try out the Hungover coffee scrub which is in the scent potent peppermint. As soon as I opened, I was hit with an extremely strong scent of mint. It smelt a lot like an After Eight chocolate and I really loved it. The actual scrub was a bit thick but you could definitely feel like it was going to exfoliate.

I used this after i’d been in the bath and made sure my skin was quite damp and just rubbed it onto my legs and then washed it off. It definitely felt very exfoliating like my legs had just been refreshed and left the bathroom smelling like a mint chocolate factory.


As well as coffee scrubs and face-masks, Optiat also sell a range of soaps and bigger pamper night-in gift sets. Their eco-friendly, natural, vegan ethics put them above other companies who don’t have those ethics and their products are really good. Especially because I don’t usually try new skin-care, this did so well not to irritate my skin!

Don’t forget to have a look at their products and see if there’s anything you fancy buying! https://www.optiat.co.uk/


*Items featured in this blog post were kindly gifted from Optiat, however all opinions are my own and are in no way biased*

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14 thoughts on “Optiat|The VIP Pamper Kit

  1. I loved these when I tried them! I got them as part of my treatbox but haven’t got around to purchasing any more. They really do leave your skin feeling lovely, don’t they? £4.99 isn’t too bad for the VIP set either.

    Aimsy xoxo

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  2. Omg these look absolutely amazing!! I am a face mask hoarder, it is honestly so bad!! I love trying out different face masks, and I think these will have to be on my next Wishlist! xx



  3. Ooh I’ve tried the mandarin coffee scrub from these guys and my god was it abrasive! It’s been really fabulous for my skin when I needed a proper cleanse and exfoliate and the smell was to die for. I would love to try some other bits from them and seeing as you’ve given such a fab review I might just have to!
    Alice Xx

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