Metal Crush Highlighter Review

I can never go into Debenhamns and keep myself controlled around the beauty counters. I went in for a brow wax and ended up coming out with 2 Kat Von D products. I hauled 1 of the items in my May Collective Haul but kept my favourite product a secret so that I could review it!

I got the Kat Von D Metal Crush highlighter for £22.50 because there were some offers on but it would’ve been £25, a bit steep for a highlighter. Nonetheless I decided to treat myself and couldn’t resist when I swatched it and saw how glittery based it was. It’s not a harsh gold colour and looks really nice on pale skin. You can use this on it’s own or apply it over or under another highlighter. It’s hyper-reflective micro-crystals make it look super shiny and I love the way it looks so much.

It’s pretty self explanatory that the packaging is gorgeous and and feels really sturdy. I don’t normally like taking away my favourite products on holiday but this feels like it’d be so safe in my suitcase- and imagine it with a tan!IMG_6488IMG_6492

For a glittery based highlight, it’s very pigmented but it’s also easily buildable so you can have a light dusting of glitter flex for your highlight or a full on glittery gold streak of brightness, either work well and either look amazing.


As with any high-end product i’ll quite honestly say they’re an extreme steep in the price from drug-store products that do the same job but sometimes you really do just need to treat yourself to something a little more luxurious and this is the product. It’s so smooth and creamy to apply, looks like it’s the most glamorous product ever and I really like it!

Have you tried this or any other Kat Von D products, I’d love to know!


*Disclaimer; I’m very much aware of the controversy around Kat Von D at the moment regarding her views on vaccinations and I do not agree with her at all but I do still like her products and will continue to buy her products… in my eyes it’s no different to someone loving animals but also loving Maybelline or L’oreal who test on animals*

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31 thoughts on “Metal Crush Highlighter Review

  1. I love how pigmented that highlighter is but omg so expensive 😭 revolution do some very good ones!
    I also liked that message you put at the end; you raised a good point. I’m very much against animal testing but some of my favourite brands aren’t cruelty free 😞 I really hope that changes soon.

    Meg x |

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  2. I haven’t actually tried any Kat Von D products before! I don’t usually wear highlighter as my skin is quite oily so it would be quite shiny with it 😂 I love the colour of this highlighter though and he packaging is so pretty! Great review 😊


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  3. I adore the shade of this! It looks like it has so many different levels to it and who doesn’t love a bit of glitter?! It looks like a bit of a hybrid between gold and silver in these photos and I love it! I’ve tried the KVD foundation, loose powder, eyeliner and everlasting lip liquids and I liked most of it, other than the lip liquids! I found them much too drying personally
    Alice Xx

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  4. It looks like it would be so harsh and pigmented from the pan, but it looks so beautiful on your skin! Very ethereal, it’s gorgeous! I haven’t tried any of her products, but I have wanted to since it came out – I’ve just never plucked up the courage since it is a bit more pricey, and I haven’t came across a stall yet to try out foundation colours. I definitely want to buy some of her products though, despite the controversy.

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  5. Oooh I love this highlighter, it’s so pretty! I always find high-end highlighters are a lot more pigmented than drugstore ones, so I think they’re worth the very steep price when you want to treat yourself! I’ve never tried any Kat Von D products but I do love this shade xx

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  6. This is so pretty and shimmery! The packaging looks gorgeous too and I love the name Gold Skool, very clever! I’ve never tried Kat Von D products before but it’s always nice to treat yourself to something a little luxurious! Great post Ellie 💖 xx

    Bexa |

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  7. That’s such a pretty highlighter! I haven’t tried any Kat von D stuff mainly because of the price but her her Tattoo Liner sounds pretty good! (p.s. I think you made a pretty good point about the whole controversy thing!)


  8. This looks so pretty! I am super pale so will have to invest in this one day as it looks so gorgeous. Lovely photos and review Ellie🤗xo


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