Favourite Beauty Products

So far i’ve finished my first week of uploading 3 times a week to my blog and i’m enjoying it. I’ll admit though I kind of picked the worst month to post 3 times a week because college deadlines are looming and I still have SO much work to do… But that all pays off when I go on Holiday to Gran Canaria at the start of July. You can keep up to date with everything I do in my life by following my Twitter.

My first favourite beauty product of all time is the MUA Pro-base Eye primer and I rave about this all the time to everyone! For £2.50 you get a tube of eye primer that blends so nicely into your eye so you have a base for your shadows. I’ve tried all of the different Urban Decay Primer Potions in all of the different shades and I can’t stress how much I prefer the MUA one over Urban Decay. I think what makes it amazing is that it’s so cheap that you could buy 7 tubes of the MUA for the same price as the Primer Potion.IMG_6506.JPG

I’ve been loving Too Faced recently and I think my favourite liquid lipstick ever is the melted matte one. I have the shades Child Star & Queen B and they don’t dry your lips out at all and the lasting power is super nice. They are a little pricey but I really don’t mind spending £19 on them. IMG_6501IMG_6497

I heart Revolution Unicorn Heart Rainbow Highlighter is my all time favourite highlighter. I’m not into the whole unicorn trend but this little heart shaped highlighter is such a hidden gem that isn’t spoke about enough. It’s £4.99 and essentially has 5 pastel coloured highlight shades. You might think blue highlighter is daunting but all of the shades blend out so nicely and works so well. IMG_6504

  The product i’ve had the longest is the Urban Decay Naked palette. It’s the original one and retails for around £39. it was my first ever high-end product and cannot fault it at all. All of the shades are so useable and I pretty much wear it everyday!IMG_6496

I’d love to know if you’ve tried any of these products?


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35 thoughts on “Favourite Beauty Products

  1. The original Naked palette was the first high end makeup product I ever bought! I don’t get much use of it anymore but I still love the shades it offers and I think it’s perfect size to take on holiday!
    Alice Xx

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  2. Congrats on finishing your first week of your 3 posts a week goal! I can imagine how much work it takes because it takes days for me to even finish one. Love your list of fave beauty products! It’s great that they don’t break the bank and still do its job.

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

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  3. Loved this post – never tried any of these items. I will 100% pick up the mua primer since I don’t have one and they’re so affordable, and I’d love to try the too faced melted mattes! ♡♡

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  4. I’m still yet to test my eye primer I bought after you recommended it! I haven’t got any of the original Naked palettes only Heat and Smoky but they all have some gorgeous shades!

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com

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  5. I love the Urban Decay Naked palette, it’s just a classic, with lots of lovely shades. I’ve seen the revolution Highlighter in store’s, but I’ve only just ventured into the realms of highlighter and have been put off by all the colours, maybe I need to put that aside and give it a go especially if it blends out really nicely. Thanks for sharing your favourites.

    Emma x

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  6. oh my god, I love the highlighter and the naked palette (it’s probably THE classic palette to have in every vanity). I discovered your blog while going through wordpress reader, and I have to say, I’m super glad to have found someone finally the same age as I am!

    I followed, and would love to engage and be friends with you! My blog’s right in the link below, if you don’t mind checking it out! 😀

    oli xx


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  7. Fabulous post, and beautiful pictures as always! I loved doing this one with you! I have to try that MUA eye primer, I can’t believe it’s only £2.50! Thanks again for doing this collab with me 💕


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  8. The original Naked palette is a must-have for me! Whenever someone asks me a product that I recommend, I always say this palette — beautiful colors, easy to work with, and relatively affordable for how many shadows you get.

    Great post! x


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  9. I need to try that eye primer, I’ve seen you mention it a few times now and it’s so affordable! I haven’t tried most of these but the item I’ve had the longest is the Naked 2, it was my everyday palette for so long! I never tried the first one which seems quite strange now I think about it x


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      1. Ahh exciting!! I’ve somehow never owned it?! I just have the third one! Wanted it for years though so that was the push I needed to get it 😅

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