MUA; Thoughts?

MUA have been a brand that’s been in Superdrug ever since I can remember. Over the years they’ve introduced new ranges such as the luxe range and the prism range, but still managed to keep their costs extremely low. Back when I started getting into makeup i’d go straight to the MUA section to get a foundation that was too orange for me and a bronzer which I didn’t know how to use. But it’s safe to say they’re a trustworthy, reliable brand which are cheap, good quality and don’t test on animals.

I have a few products from them and they’re products which I do highly recommend because they’re just so affordable. The first ever thing which I bought from MUA was a powder. It’s the Translucent pressed powder and was only £1, it still is that cheap! It’s great to set your base and really is worth the £1. I’ve tried other powders which are a little more expensive but i’ve always come back to this.


Another product which has to be my holy-grail of all makeup products ever is the Pro-base eye primer. I discovered this many years ago after watching GirlzTalkx on Youtube rave about it. (Shoutout to those who remember Bayley from GirlzTalkx she was my fave and then one day never uploaded again and now a year later I still check to see if she’s uploaded…) I’ve repurchased this 3 times now and they last so long. They make the eyeshadow so much more pigmented, easier to apply and can hold the eyeshadow on all day. I’ve tried the Primer Potion by Urban Decay and I can tell you that it’s nothing compared to this £2.50 primer!


A few years ago the MUA eyeshadows were such a huge hype and I got hold of the Romantic Efflorescence for £4 although i’m not sure they sell this anymore. It has a variety of matte and shimmer shades, all subtle and for an everyday type look. Mine does look quite old and worn out because it probably is over 3 years old! Some of the shades aren’t very pigmented but the shimmer kind of shades are pigmented and look stunning on the eyes. For £4 it’s not the best palette in the world and definitely not my favourite but it works for everyday and I think that the MUA palettes are good for travelling because if they were to get broken it’s not like you’ve broken the bank. Especially for someone starting out in makeup, these are perfect.


Two new purchases from MUA have been the Pro-base fixing mist as well as the Elysium element palette. I’ve been using an Urban Decay setting spray which i got as a small sample size and now it’s nearly all gone I wanted a cheap alternative and this MUA one basically does the same job. It smells the same and works perfectly fine for £5 compared to the All Nighter setting spray by Urban Decay for £24.

The Elysium palette is one of the newer ranges of eyeshadows that MUA do. This was mainly for my Mom because she liked the purple shade in there. It comes with a brown and black duo eyeliner which I think is cool and it’s again a palette good for beginners or for travelling. I’ve tried better eyeshadows but you get what you pay for, £6 for 2 eyeliners and 10 shades which can be used for whatever occasion is a great price.


MUA really are underrated because of how cheap they are.  Instead of going straight to the high-end products or more expensive drugstore products, why not try out MUA! Their product ranges have become so much better over the years and i’m excited to see what new products they  bring out in the future. You can purchase MUA from Superdrug stores & online!

What are your thoughts on MUA? I’d love to know. Have you checked out my Spring wish-list? Click here to see what’s on it!


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36 thoughts on “MUA; Thoughts?

  1. Gotta love MUA! I have the Burning Embers palette and I cannot believe how pigmented it is! £8 for 25 shades is a price you can’t really turn down 🤷🏼‍♀️ Great post, definitely think you should do more of these xx

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  2. Do you use any other brands? Also when I next go shopping for makeup (not like I use it everyday unless I have to like my shows and going out anywhere nice) I’ll definitely go for MUA! Thank you for introducing it to me, I never knew it even existed. The amount of times I’ve been in Superdrug, I’ve never seen it. Thanks again x

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  3. I don’t think I’ve ever tried anything from MUA except an eyeshadow palette a few years back but you’ve definitely convinced me to try some especially that eyeshadow primer! I’ll be picking it up after payday! Great post lovely

    Jess //

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  4. I’ve not picked up an MUA product in years, but I used to love their products! Will definitely need to pick up some when I’m next in Superdrug. It’s great that they’re cruelty free and so affordable.

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  5. I’ve been looking for a new eye primer as I really can’t justify spending money replacing the Too Faced one I currently own, I’m going to give the ones in your post a try and see how I get on with them!


  6. Great post! I’ve always looked at MUA’s products but never got anything maybe now is the time to try them out for the first time haha especially since I’m looking for a setting spray 🙂

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  7. I haven’t heard of MUA before but love how you got the pressed powder for such a good deal! Glad you found some faves including the eye primer! I would definitely appreciate being able to buy everything without breaking the bank!

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  8. I remember the days of wearing foundation 5 times too orange for my face! Natural Collection from Boots was always my go to makeup brand when I first started wearing it!

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