Too faced; Chocolate Gold

Recently I decided to treat myself to a new eyeshadow palette when I was in Debenhams. The Too Faced Chocolate Gold palette immediately caught my eye and when I swatched the colours I was seriously shook by the pigmentation. I’ve got a few of the Too Faced liquid lipsticks and I have the Better than sex mascara but i’ve never tried an eyeshadow from them before.

IMG_4963The palette was £39 although I had £15 in points on my Debenhamns beauty card, I paid £24 for this. Even if I hadn’t had the beauty card points I would’ve still bought this because it’s stunning. Too Faced always seem to kill it with the packaging and the actual palette smells chocolatey. I’m a shimmer kind of girl when it comes to eyeshadow but I like that there are a few matte shades in there so that you could use them as a base or a transition shade.

IMG_4980The first thing that honestly amazes me is the pigmentation of the glitter shades. I swatched the shades Money Bags, Chocolate Gold & New Money and they look so, so pretty. I think that the great thing about this palette is that I will wear all of these colours… maybe with the exception of Money Bags, i’m not that adventurous yet! My favourites are Chocolate Gold & Livin’ Lavish..and maybe Drippin’ Diamonds and Classy & sassy…. Basically you get the jist that I think they’re all beautiful.


I feel like a lot of people wouldn’t buy this palette purely for the fact that it’s nearly full of shimmery shades but I do genuinely wear shimmer shades daily & a lot more often than matte shades. £39 for an eyeshadow is expensive because it’s a high-end brand, similar in price to Urban Decay but I totally think they’re worth it as a little treat for yourself. I think that now i’ve fallen in love with this palette i’ll end up buying more palettes by Too Faced. I do have my eye on a few others which I might save up for!


Have you ever tried Too Faced eyeshadows?


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43 thoughts on “Too faced; Chocolate Gold

  1. Ooh, I’ve been intrigued as to how this palette performs! I’ve only ever had the Natural Love palette from Too Faced, and I was a bit disappointed with it to be honest. I found the shadows to be quite chalky and lacking pigment- I’ve had much better ones for half the price! This palette looks stunning though, and I love that it has a sweet scent! It’s also fab to see how pigmented these shadows are, I’ve been wanting to try out this palette but my previous experience put me off a little.
    Hayley X


  2. I have tried lots of things from Too Faced but never the eyeshadow! This eyeshadow looks so pretty but I normally wear matte shades so I think one of the other Chocolate palettes would be better for me! The peach eyeshadow palette is so pretty too!! X

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  3. I personally prefer metallic shimmer shades over matte, i’m a glitter fiend! Maybe that’s why I love this palette so much. The more glitter the better! probably too faced’s best palette.

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  4. This is such a gorgeous palette! I’m so jealous of how many points you had earned on your Debenhams card, I seriously could do with that! I love how pigmented some of the bright colours are, No Money especially looks stunning and such a unique shade. Lovely post Ellie! X

    Erin // Everything Erin

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  5. I love this palette – I really need to get it 🙂 the colours are right up my street, except the pink but theres always one haha

    I have the chocolate bon bons palette at the minute which is always a go-to fave!

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  6. I haven’t tried their products yet, but I always see them when I go makeup shopping. I guess I’m just waiting to read more reviews about them. This palette is gorgeous though and I kindnof want to give it a try now. I love those colors.

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