Revolution Fast base Foundation; Thoughts?

If there’s one blog post i’ve seen over & over again lately, it’s people sharing their first impressions and reviewing the extremely talked about Revolution stick foundation. Of course being a blogger that I am, I tried to resist trying it out but in the end couldn’t resist and bought it last week. IMG_4910I thought that because they recently brought out concealers, the foundation shades would’ve reflected them meaning i’d buy either the same shade or one a tiny bit darker than the concealer but that wasn’t the case. The concealer shade I have is C6 and the the F6 for the foundation was way too dark so I opted for F3. IMG_4916First impressions when I tried it at home was that it was a bit too pink toned for me. It wasn’t overly dark or overly light but F2 was too light and F4 was a bit too orangey so although their shade ranges are amazing, i’m not sure there’s a perfect one for me. First impression on the actual product is that you get a lot of product (although i’m not sure how long stick foundations last) and it seemed like a rich, creamy formula. IMG_4911I decided to go straight in and apply it all over my face and blended one half with a beauty blender and the other with a brush. The beauty blender didn’t work for me at all! It was so hard to blend and was near to impossible. However, it was a lot easier to blend with a brush which was quite surprising. Again, since i’ve never used stick foundation before I didn’t know how much to apply but I feel like you needed quite a lot. When i’d blended it appeared to be quite patchy, whether that was my bad blending I don’t know! But I feel like it’s definitely a lot harder to work with than liquid foundation.

As for the wear throughout the day, it was ok. It was still pretty much on my face at the end of the day but I’d seen that it had clung to my dry skin and make it quite noticeable, whereas my go-to foundation doesn’t which was a bit of a shame. The coverage is probably medium and I feel like it’s probably not a good foundation to wear all day but it’s good to wear for a few hours. IMG_4912

I definitely think I’ll wear this again because for £5, you really can’t go wrong and the shade isn’t too poorly matched for my skin tone. Have you tried this? What do you think of this?

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I also just wanted to give a shoutout to my friend from primary school & her name is Charlotte. She’s amazing at art and wants to start doing more. I’d love if you could check out her work on her Instagram here where she posts a lot of her artwork!


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16 thoughts on “Revolution Fast base Foundation; Thoughts?

  1. Really enjoyed reading this post, I love how honest you were! I’ve been thinking of trying it out for a bit now but can’t really see myself getting along that well with a stick foundation! Xx

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  2. I love how honest you were in your review. I’ve been so tempted to try this out but I’ve heard so many reviews about how difficult it is to blend, which is such a shame after everyone seemed to LOVE the concealer. I always use a beauty blender to blend out my foundation, and I have eczema on my face so I can already tell this probably wouldn’t be the best foundation for me. Thanks for the review!

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  3. I agree that it always feels like stick foundations are harder to blend so that they don’t look patchy and you have to use so much product, but I’ve found that stick foundations typically make amazing concealers since they’re usually pretty thick 🙂

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  4. I think I’d be happy to try this out and I have a face serum / make up base which is quite oily, and it might make for a good match to help blend this out, and for the price it’s not too much of a loss if it isn’t perfect! Amazing review, so honest!

    Beka |

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