5 Things new Bloggers will understand!

I’ve been blogging for about 7 months now and I wouldn’t say i’m a new blogger anymore but i’ve experienced things which I know every other newcomer will probably relate to and long-time bloggers will have been able to relate to at some point!

1. ) DA score?; Domain authority is something that goes over my head. I first came across it when looking under the #bloggerswanted on Twitter. A company wanted a blogger with a DA score of 25+ and I didn’t understand it. This lead me to do a little research and came to the conclusion that the higher your score, the better. My blog had always been on DA score 1 and although I wasn’t bothered about it because I didn’t understand it, I decided to check again and my DA score turned to 11! I’ve never been so happy about something I don’t understand before. If any bloggers have posts on DA and how to increase your score I’d love to read.

2.) Thinking going self-hosted is having your own domain; I always thought if you went self-hosted it meant getting your own URL (thediaryofellie.com instead of  thediaryofellie.wordpress.com) and nothing else. After researching into it a lot more I can understand the difference and how just having your own URL and still using the normal WordPress or Blogger is not going self-hosted. I found a good blog post which explains it a lot better here.

3.) SEO is not the same as a CEO; Call me dumb or stupid but when I first saw some people on Twitter talking about their SEO, I was slightly confused as to why they were talking about a chief executive of a company. Obviously SEO isn’t a a very high ranked person in a company, it’s actually search engine optimisation. It has a load of stuff to do with keywords for your blog to appear on search engines and you can help to control it. Don’t come to me for any advice on this because like with DA, I truly don’t really know much about it much!


4.) Collaborations with brands are amazing; As a smaller blogger I feel as though it’s a lot easier for brands to take advantage due to the fact you’re more likely to work/collab with a brand for free. When I was on about 100 followers, a fashion company reached out to me asking if i’d like to collaborate. They had cute clothes and accessorises and I was like why not! Their terms were that I had to buy some products off their website (although I got 30% off) and then write a blog post promoting the product with a discount code for my readers. All seemed legit but I didn’t really want to buy any products, I just wanted to work with a brand. After a lot of research and seeing tweets, it was evident that the company like to exploit smaller bloggers for the very reason I mentioned- you aren’t knowledgeable in working with brands. If a company reaches out to you, you should never have to pay or buy one of their products to promote it because it should be the other way around! You live and you learn but I feel like chances are, this may have well happened to you when you were just starting out.

5.) Thinking that numbers are everything; When I first started blogging when I reached 20 followers I felt so happy! I was also over the moon when i’d reached about 500 page views. All the high numbers felt like I meant something to the blogging world and that i’d found my place. But I think you slowly realise that they’re just page-views and that person might not have even read your post. What’s more important and meaningful (which I think as you grow a little more you start to realise) is genuine comments on posts. Whether that’s someone saying your blog photography looks good, or that they really enjoyed reading your post is so much more meaningful than a few views which don’t let you know if someone enjoyed the content. IMG_4815

Was there anything that you can relate to? I’d love to know below! I also think it’s so important to support people who are just starting out and i’d love to give a shoutout to my friend Charlotte who i’ve known since primary school! She’s incredible at art and wants to start doing more artwork on her Instagram, check it out here. She’s got a few pictures of her artwork on there and a video of her portfolio and i’d love if you could give her a follow and support her work.


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68 thoughts on “5 Things new Bloggers will understand!

  1. This is a cool post. I’ve been blogging for more than a year a half and I am not really a new blogger. But I only blog when I am free which is not very often. And I find that all these stuff are super relatable! And the views and likes. Oh my, yess!! I think getting to know bloggers is a lot amazing than getting them to view or simply like your stuff.

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  2. Wow Ellie, I honestly thought you had been blogging longer than 7 months, you have such a fab blog & great content! I can totally relate to not understanding DA and SEO, I’ve nearly been blogging 6 months and still dunno much about SEO 🙈. I had to google DA when I saw an opportunity as I had no clue either he he. This is a great post with excellent advice for new bloggers, especially about not worrying about the numbers too much 😘 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

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  3. Hahaa..~ I just started out and I’m already haunted like when will I get followers, when will I get likes, do people like what I do, what is this, what is that..~ but the joy of being a blogger and enjoy the thing helps a little 🙈

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  4. I love this post, Ellie! I totally agree with you about the first one! I kept seeing DA and didn’t understand it but I kept checking and kept checking and like you, I jumped from 1 to about 11/12. It made me laugh when you said about SEO and CEO haha but it can be confusing! Great post x

    Em ~ http://thisisemsworld.com

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  5. Loved this post! I’ve had a few brands message to do this version of collaborating and I think if you like the company it’s a good way to build your blog but if you don’t like the company then there is no point!

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  6. This is a pretty great post. Honestly I recently started getting back into blogging after stopping for a few years and man has things changed and gotten more intense. I’m really just learning all of this as I go along. I thought your post was a great intro for anyone who’s clueless about the blogging world. Good job.

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  7. This was so relatable lmao I’ve been blogging for a month now,but despite these things I love the blog world.I also love your aesthetic and photography,it’s very similar to mine.I would love for you to check out my blog as well!lots of love.

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  8. Do you have any tips on getting people to read my blog, liking my blog and gaining followers? PS. I really love reading you blogs❤️

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  9. To this day I still don’t get DA but I have a good idea of everything else. Loved how relatable this was! Brings me back to when I first started blogging x

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  10. This has been very helpful! I am suuuper new to the blogging community and am learning everything! Definitely going to be researching a DA score! 😂👌🏻🤓

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  11. Love this. I got scammed by a company giving me a discount code when I first started for their clothes. I thought it was amazing 😢 I ended up deleting the posts I did for them on my social media after I found out 😂 also, DA used to confuse me too! I had no idea what it was! Xx

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  12. Your blog is lovely! ANd such a great post. That DA score can be a bit tricky 😂 I’ve been blogging on and off for years, and I don’t fully have my head around it! My blog is new and hasn’t much to offer right now, but I will be writing writing/blogging advice, fiction, lifestyle/inspiration articles, and posting my art journey when it suits. (I’m not much of an artist, but I do occasionally get the urge to sketch…)
    Anyway, I’d like to share the eulogy I’ve written for my grandfather to as many people as will read it. I have it featured in my nav bar, despite it being personal and void of SEO. It stands as an example of the exception, where something close to home overrules the standardised rules of google. I want the eulogy to be one of the first things people see when they arrive on my blog, and that’s how it’s staying 😉 Here’s the link if you’re interested…

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