Favourite parts of my Bedroom!

I don’t have the biggest bedroom ever, it’s quite small but I love the cosiness of it. I thought that i’d show you some parts of my room which I really love!


I love my dressing table because it has some little bits on which are precious to me and when it’s tidy it looks super cute. The part where I do my makeup has a big mirror where I have some string which hangs polaroids but I’ve got on there a picture of my gorgeous girl Seren who passed away last year, a polaroid of me and my boyfriend and a palm reading card from an old arcade machine. I then have a light-up smaller mirror and then my makeup brushes in a coffee jar and a jelly beans tin!


The other end of the dressing table is so personalised for me! It has a Powerpuff girls print from Depop, a Thomas Cook airline bear and PG Tips monkey. I’ve got my dry shampoo and hairspray next to a little picture of me and my nan which you can just about see on the right side. Right on the end of the mirror there’s a keyring photo from a log flume ride at the safari park of me and the BF as well as a framed picture of us and a photobooth picture. There’s also a little candle holder from B&Q and on the left at the very top an extremely old picture of me and my best friend from primary school who I still talk to!


Luckily I have enough room for a 6 compartment bookshelf. The other sections are a mess but the top one is my favourite and I really like how it’s set out. I have a little basket from The Works with my deodorant, a few everyday perfumes like Katy Perry Puur, CK one shock for women at the back and the Ari by Ariana Grande. I also have in there my pillow spray for when I sleep. I also then have some body sprays by the side of that, my favourite one being the Body Fantasies in the scent grapefruit. There’s a nail file, 2 ring boxes and a little sand ornament from the isle of wight at the front.


On top of the bookshelf I have a shelf organiser from Sainsbury’s that I’ve put some on my most aesthetic nail varnishes on. On the top there’s a Will from Stranger Things pop vinyl a few Models own chrome nail polishes and then on the bottom there’s all of my Rimmel London Rita Ora collection with an angel Christmas tree decoration! At the front of the shelf there’s a John Cena & Nikki Bella pint size hero things (not sure what they’re called?) and a Powerpuff girls pop vinyl. I also have a lost dog ornament, a Pusheen money box and a really pretty light that’s from Sainsbury’s with stars in.

Thanks for reading!


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34 thoughts on “Favourite parts of my Bedroom!

  1. Liz Brannan says:

    This post is so cute, it’s nice to get a look into people’s rooms but I think that’s just because I’m nosey haha! I love the dressing table set up, making it more personal with photos! I have so many everywhere!
    Liz xx

    Liked by 2 people

  2. foundationsandfairytales says:

    This was a really nice post! I really don’t like the way my bedroom is set up but I have so much furniture and huge wardrobes I can’t really move it around! I had a good tidy up and hung some new photos on the wall on the last snow day which has made it look a lot better. My dressing table is definitely one of my favourite parts of my room too as well as the top of my chest of drawers which has all my Disney statues on there! I love that shelving unit from Sainsburys I’ll keep my eye out for that!

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com

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  3. astrobeks says:

    I love what you’ve done with your room! It’s so organised and simple, yet you’ve still managed to put your personality into every corner of it ☺️ so cute!!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. sharnahsblog says:

    you have got some really cute areas in your room! I love having loads of pictures up in my room too. I LOVE those Avon sprays even though I haven’t had one in a while! I wish I had a organiser like yours for my nail varnishes x

    Liked by 2 people

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