Boyfriend’s first blog post!

I saw a while back that someone got their boyfriend to write a blog post for them and I loved reading it. I’m annoyed i couldn’t remember who did it, but credit to that person for the idea! I decided to get my boyfriend to pick any product of his to review, just like how i’d review one of my products and this is how it went…

Hi guys, so recently I’ve been loving my aftershave from Tommy! I’m not sure what Tommy is to be honest, but it says ‘Tommy’ on the bottle so I’ll just call it that! But it smells really good, it’s not too strong either so it doesn’t give me a headache like a lot of aftershaves do. It’s quick and easy to apply, I’m usually in a rush to get the bus so it’s really helpful for that reason, all I have to do is pick it up spray myself a few times on the neck and lower face and I’m good to go!!

Price wise I have no idea how much it is, I don’t tend to buy myself aftershave personally, I don’t know who got it me either, oops! Overall I’d give my aftershave a solid 8/10. I would rate it higher but I feel like the smell doesn’t quite last as long as I’d like. But I still enjoy using the product and hopefully I get more aftershaves to test out!

I loved the product so much that I ran out! I used it so often, almost everyday!

So there you have it, my boyfriend’s first and last blog post. You can check out his Instagram here and his Twitter here!


16 thoughts on “Boyfriend’s first blog post!

  1. foundationsandfairytales says:

    This is such a good idea! Love that his post was short but sweet, got straight to the point! I think if I asked my fiancΓ© to write a blog post he’d be like ‘it smells great but it costs a fortune’ and that’s about all he’d be able to come up with haha!

    Jess xx

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