A day in my life; dog sitting!

If you’ve seen on my Twitter or read my blog post New additions! then you’ll know me and my family recently got 2 puppies! All the little details are in the blog post so if you haven’t read it, you need to! (I just want to apologise in advance for the bad quality images, I took all of these on my phone instead of my camera for ease and a more ‘real’ feel and WordPress seems to hate phone photos and compromises the quality)

Having puppies seriously makes your routine so different, and makes you a lot more tired! In my house we all share the ‘puppy duties’ and on a Wednesday because i’m off from college and everyone else is at work it means i’m the main puppy carer so I thought i’d blog about my day! My Mom goes to work about 8:30am and we’ve been seeing over the weeks how long they can be left on their own, it’s usually been about 10am they’ve been left until but I managed to stay in bed till 10:45am without them making a peep! There’s the odd bark here and there when they hear noises outside but they’re good to be left for a few hours.

The first thing I do is get dressed, I don’t mean jeans and a nice top, I mean my most comfiest top, joggers, fluffy socks and my dressing gown. When I come downstairs the puppies are in the playpen and they get so excited to see me, dogs that get excited when they see you make my heart so happy. I give them a little fuss and go and make myself a cup of tea which i’ll sit and drink for about 10 minutes whilst the dogs calm down from getting all excited from seeing me. 28534651_1721722961224560_1765249015_n28511733_1721722931224563_1451125546_n28555078_1721785647884958_846380466_o.jpg

About 11:15am the puppies will have their second meal of the day, they have a handful of the Royal Canin x-small junior with a splash of warm water, whilst they’re having this i’ll also have some breakfast. I typically have the Matey’s chocolate flavour marshmallow cereal (it’s a cheaper version of chocolate Lucky Charms) with Graham’s gold smooth milk.28554883_1721722164557973_123745232_o28580529_1721722111224645_1199304796_o

I’ll sit down to eat my cereal and let the puppies settle down after they’ve had their food. They’re still not fully house trained so I like to take them outside after their food, they’ll usually do their business outside and they both did wee’s, the only issue is they get so cold quickly in this weather as they love the snow but they aren’t allowed to stay out for too long. After they’ve come in from outside they’ll probably play-fight, steal each others toys and lay lounging in the sun. I like to try and get some stuff done at this time like watching TV or doing a bit of work. I actually got on with a bit of college work that needed to be handed in for the next day. At this point i’ll have washed my face and also brushed my teeth!28579854_1721722097891313_1577597571_o

When the dogs were playing they had a wee in the house so I had to clean that up with some carpet stain remover and some blue cloth to soak it up- disgusting I know! But whilst I was doing this, Barney was trying to play tug-a-war with my dressing gown rope..28554962_1721721834558006_749637984_o28548212_1721722081224648_1760283223_o.jpg

Barney and Bonnie started play-fighting some more whilst I did a bit more college work but they were getting a bit too rough so I put them on the sofa and they went to sleep- this was about 12pm. As you can see, puppy minding is so eventful that it feels like you’ve been up hours!28585013_1721785494551640_1974386129_o

Whilst the puppies napped I read some blog posts, tried to be active on Instagram and wrote up the start of this post. Bonnie also climbed onto my lap and Barney kept fidgeting about. The puppy nap didn’t last long because they were woken up by the postman and got all excited again so I took them outside and made myself another cup of tea. 28548219_1721785557884967_951802731_o.jpg28640867_1721721727891350_1548832957_o

After this I did more college work, drank my tea and let the puppies play a bit whilst keeping my eye on them. About 2pm it was feeding time for them again so I gave them another handful of food and microwaved myself some chicken- I also had a coffee.28510841_1721884587875064_257126458_n

I decided to add some finishing touches to a blog post that went live, February Favourites and interacted a bit on Twitter whilst the dogs napped on my lap. They’re good portable radiators!

The rest of the afternoon became quite eventful, I was trying to play The Sims but the puppies were being a bit naughty so from about 2:30pm till 5pm when my Mom got home I was constantly watching them, giving them treats and taking them outside. About 5pm is when my Mom comes home so i’m not the only person in charge of looking after the dogs so then I decided to go on The Sims properly and let my Mom keep her eye on them.

The rest of the evening just goes the same as normal we eat our dinner, watch TV, I go in the bath and then stay up till about midnight. This is when i’ll put the puppies to bed, they go in a little play-pen downstairs with some toys, water, puppy pads and 2 beds although they like to snuggle together. 28584338_1723691451027711_295984940_o.jpg

That’s basically my day as a puppy minder. It’s quite eventful but I love having little pups about the house! Thank you reading.


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62 thoughts on “A day in my life; dog sitting!

  1. Ha your family is brave getting two nuggets at once. We got ours nine months apart and they quickly figured out how to use the pairing against us lol one would distract so the other could grab something they shouldn’t have. They are the best though. I’m glad you keep caffeinated all day!

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  2. Oh my god!!! I want to see LOADS of puppy posts! These two are so, so, so cute. I have a dog but we didn’t get him at that age, he was already around 5 months. But I can totally relate to how much hard work they can be – it’s definitely a full-time job, looking after pups! xxx

    Liked by 2 people

  3. This is my favourite thing all day! They’re so gorgeous!

    Also I have to say- that chicken looks ridiculously good! xx

    Liked by 3 people

  4. It’s so good that they have each other to keep themselves entertained. I used to be nervous to even go upstairs and shower when mine was this age. It’s amazing when they’re fully house trained but still tiny puppies. You don’t have to stress about ruined furniture every time you turn your back but they’re still so cute! Watching mine used to tire me out so much! x


    Liked by 2 people

    1. When i shower (or my mom showers) and there’s no one about they have to stay in the bathroom with me and that usually results in toilet roll being rolled off the holder or my clothes being chewed hahah! It’s so nice having them about x


  5. Aww that are so cute and loving the names Bonnie and Barney! I remember when my Mum had a pup years ago how much work it was so two understandably is gonna be even more of a challenge! It’s like have kids- your day is non stop and never a minutes peace! Such a great day in the life post thanks for sharing Ellie 😃

    Melanie | http://www.frasersfunhouse.com

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  6. How cute are those guys! Always tough to train puppers, and cleaning up after them can be the worst, but they can get away with it a little bit when they’re as cute as those two!

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  7. They are so so so cute! I remember when my dogs were puppies, the best time! As a little tip I would advise you not to clean they accidents in front of them, I was told that it could let them think it’s ok and that you are kind of “there to clean up whenever 🙂


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  8. Barney and Bonnie are so adorable! Barney playing tug of war with your dressing gown made me laugh 😄. It sounds like a full on day being a puppy minder, but so nice to have these little ones to keep you company! Lovely post Ellie, looking forward to reading more puppy post! 😘💕 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

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  9. Aww I love this post, how adorable, they are just gorgeous! I’m a dog sitter as well as having my own little dog so I know too well the stresses of keeping puppies occupied and happy 😛
    Believe it or not, they say having kids is harder, but sometimes it feels the opposite! Although don’t hold me to that, I’m only 8 months into motherhood and it’s very likely that my opinion will change as my baby gets more active, hehe.
    Thanks for sharing, very cute little day diary 🙂

    Jessica xo / jessinwonderland.com

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  10. This is such a cute post. I love the photos of the puppies, especially in that last photo, where they’re all huddling together and there’s one lone bed without a single dog in it. Puppy’s are so precious. They do sound like a handful, though, but I’m sure you wouldn’t change that for the world, haha! I’d never imagined how difficult it would be to look after puppies; thanks for enlightening me!

    Liked by 2 people

  11. Awww! They are so cute! 😍 I’ve never owned a puppy/dog but have always wanted one. I plan on having one in the next couple of years so will be interesting to see how your puppies grow! They are so adorable even though it is a lot of work! Great post Ellie xx

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  12. Omg such a cute post!! They are both so adorable I am so jealous haha😂😍 Also, don’t know why I wasn’t subscribed to your blog (thought I was) so I just did😘

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  13. Puppies! Awww, they’re so cute! You definitely have your hands full with two of them. I remember when we first had Ginny (my dog). We got her over the school summer holidays so everyone was home for the first four weeks or so and then it was just me and my gosh, she was exhausting. She took ages to toilet train as we’d had all the doors open pretty constantly and she hadn’t learnt the boundary between outside and inside. There was one eventful day when she weed inside, and then tried to eat the mop as I was cleaning- and then weed again! The family had agreed not to use the crate as punishment as we wanted it to be her safe place but it all got too much and I decided to put her in just so I can clean. Cue a LOT of howling. I rang mum at work, completely overwhelmed, and she just laughed and told me never to have children (😂).

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  14. That’s so cute. It’s great they have built-in play mates for life now… We have 2 dogs at home and it definitely comforts them to be left alone at home when there’s a partner every time. But man, they’re almost like toddlers… (that at least sleep at night!) Can’t take your eyes off! Hope you get to enjoy their puppyhood as long as possible!


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