New additions!

So… me and my family adopted two puppies! Yes, not one but two. They’re Chihuahua’s crossed with Jack Russell’s! We adopted the brother and sister who were left in the litter, our logic being that they both keep each other company. IMG_4046Meet Bonnie, the little girl. She’s extremely greedy for food, poo’s A LOT and loves to chew on her brothers ears… even when he’s crying in pain! She loves to have a little cuddle on my chest and loves when I lay on the floor so she can jump up my head!

IMG_4047Meet Bonnie’s brother, Barney. He’s so, so fluffy and loves to bite Bonnie’s tail! He also loves to have a little cuddle on my brothers lap and has a weird fascination with pulling the blanket away from Bonnie when she’s sleeping!

They’re so tiny, sleep well through the night and for the most part get on well with each other. They love to play fight so much but that’s typical puppy play. When it does get a bit rough we like to break it up. They’re about 12 weeks old and are already full of so much character! We’ve bought so many supplies for them like a playpen, puppy training pads, biscuits, toys etc!

I’m so excited to share our home and let them become apart of our family. Although i’m so happy I have little puppies running around and giving us love, it makes me think about my dog Seren who passed away in June. I feel as though i’m never going to love any dog the same as I loved her because she really changed my life, but I know I will give all of my love to Bonnie and Barney and still never forget Seren.

I’m sure there will be lots of updates on my Twitter & Instagram!IMG_4075

Thanks for reading this short little post!

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35 thoughts on “New additions!

  1. omg I am dying *casually drops to the floor* THEY ARE SO CUTE💖 tbh I’m not really an animal person, but I neeeddd these puppies☺️ ahhhhh so cute xx

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  2. Oh my god, Ellie, they are so stinkin’ cute!!!! Ah this is so exciting! Barnie is so fluffy!
    I vote that you put a picture of these gorgeous puppies up on like every single post haha. xx

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  3. Ellie! OMG! ❤ 🙂 I'm just over here gushing, these pups are SUPER adorbs! I love their names and everything about them (lol can you tell I really want a pup yet) That's nice of your you guys to adopt them, they're lucky to have you! =D

    xx Lena |

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