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If i said that i had my busy life perfectly organised, i’d be lying. You won’t catch me with an academic wall diary, to-do lists or even a calendar. I live my life on a whim and normally take life as it comes. However, there are some things which i do to at least try to keep my life organised just because I am quite busy. I go to college 3 days a week and I like to try and upload twice a week to my blog. College comes with a lot of extra work and blogging takes up a lot of my time. This is a collab with the lovely Emily! You can click here to read her version of the post.

Keeping a diary;IMG_3809.JPG

I have this cute diary from Ebay which has all of the dates in for the academic year of 17/18. I’ll write down important dates, deadlines, work i need to do for my next college lesson and my social life plans. However, I forget to check it. My memory isn’t the best so when I write down I have college work due in, i tend to completely forget that i have a diary. It’s bad, i know, but when i do check it and use it, it really comes in handy. You can see in advance what you’re up to and it’s fun to say “i’ll check my diary” when someone asks you to make plans! I’ll admit, i think i love the novelty of having a diary more than the practical aspects of actually having one. I think that having a diary is such a good way to keep organised if you go to school/college and have a blog.

Organising folders;IMG_3817.JPG

My life, like most teenagers, is on my phone. That’s why I love to have a folder of apps that are labelled as important. I have things like memos, emails and my very handy bus app. I catch the bus everywhere so using the app that tells me when my bus is due helps me to organise what time I need to get ready and what time I have to leave. It really is a life saver and without it, i’d be so unorganised when going places.

I definietly think I should try more ways to be organised and prodcutive because i do tend to leave things till last minute and i think that orgnaising college work would benefit me a lot. Of course it’s okay to not have your life perfectly organised with a weekly planner in your room or a scheduling app on your phone, as long as you’re getting stuff done then realistically you are being organised!

I’d love to read your tips on how you stay organised with life or school work! Don’t forget to check out Emily’s post. Thank you for reading!

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21 thoughts on “Keeping my life organised? | Collab with FoxyEmily

  1. Love your version of this post! I really need to use my diary more, honestly don’t use it anywhere near enough! Definitely have to agree with your point that you don’t have to be perfectly organised, as long as you’ve got a system that works for you. Hope my post helps you, thank you for giving me the opportunity to do a collab with you 🙂 x

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  2. I always have a diary but forget to use it too haha. I now use my phone calendar which I constantly check now. And omg that bus app is a lifesaver. When I moved to derby to uni, I don’t think they have one of these apps so it was a big shock to the system 😂

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  3. I used to be the exact same when it came to managing my diary and actually remembering to use it haha then I got a desk calander. It was the best decision ever for keeping me organised!

    I let it sit on my desk (obvs.) and then in the empty squares i’ll write out what needs to be done for that specific day. No need to find a book and search through the pages – it’s just staring there in front of me the whole time 🙂

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  4. I’ve got a diary that I hardly ever use as well! I’m just not the type of person who writes everything down like that! I also have the same app for the bus to get to work but I find sometimes it says they’re coming even when they don’t turn up which is so annoying!

    Jess xx

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      1. I know especially when it’s this cold!! But it is usually ok and it’s a good idea instead of having to keep checking the bus timetable online! No problem xx

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  5. I like the idea of being more organised on my phone and using a diary. Instead I find myself writing random notes to myself on the back of envelopes to find later! Not the best, but I will definitely try working on it!

    Alys /

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  6. I live my life constantly trying and failing to be more organised! I’ve got a bullet journal that I love updating but take’s a lot to do, a filo fax that I never properly got on with and plenty off old diaries I never used properly. Hopefully one day I’ll get myself organised!

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  7. Everyone forgets to journal,and here I am haha,I literally cannot live without my diary!Anyway,as usual,I love your blog and this blog-post.You’re so close to 1000 followers,congrats in advance!Lots of love,keep blogging:)

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